Introducing Nikki Mattison: A Plymouth Mom

Introducing Nikki!

:: Down with Detroit ::

I like to say I live, work and play in downtown Plymouth. My town is a big piece of my heart. Growing up here, there was no doubt this is where I would eventually raise a family. A walkable downtown with Friday Night Concerts, plenty of patios for happy hours with friends, and cool independent shops are what makes our small town experience complete. I love that if I’m running into Westborne Market or sweating through a Pilates class with my friends at Core Sport Pilates Fitness Studio, I’ll run into someone I know. That sense of community makes me happy.

We also love heading to Detroit to enjoy what the bigger city can offer. It seems like there’s a new “must eat” spot every week and we’re trying to keep up and visit them all. I’m a big theater fan so I lure my husband to a show at the Fisher Theatre or the Fox Theatre a few times a year. I also pretend to like baseball at Comerica Park when I’m clearly just there for the nachos and beer. We really enjoy the varied experiences that Detroit can offer and it’s exciting to see it changing so much in the last few years. I’m proud to spend my time and money downtown helping the city grow and embarking on new adventures.

:: My Life ::

My incredible husband of 7 years is my biggest cheerleader and the anchor that keeps me on the ground. We met at the bar (yep) on St. Patrick’s Day just as I was graduating college, and I knew right then and there that he was the one. There was just something really familiar and steady about this stranger standing in front of me and I was hooked. This whole scenario could have also been influenced by the green beer and bumping music, but all these years later and we’re still going strong. We’re really different in the best ways, and I firmly believe that opposites attract and it takes our personal strengths to make it all work.


I’ve owned Madison Boutique in downtown Plymouth for just over 4 years. I get really excited about helping women select clothing that makes them feel confident. Clothes that fit well and speak to your personal style can completely change our outlook. As moms, style can often take a back seat (to oh I don’t know, trying to keep these tiny humans alive), but I know that we can do our best job as moms and still feel and look put-together. Through my writing for the Detroit Mom Bloggers, I’ll expand on topics just like this and share my tips and experiences . . . stay tuned!

I love to get lost in a good story whether from a book, a movie or a TV show. When I find a little free time I like to read anything by Jane Green or Jennifer Weiner. Give me a cheesy small town girl in the city who finds unexpected love any day. I also watch all the odd series on TLC (Sister Wives is my favorite guilty pleasure) and my Comcast bill bleeds from all the movies I purchase on demand. Living a life through someone else’s eyes for a few hours is my most favorite thing to do.

:: Babies and Beyond ::

We have a fun and spirited almost two year old daughter, Mackenzie. She’s a Minnie Mouse nut, Gogurt enthusiast and makes us laugh every single day. At not even two, she’s already calling me “Nikki” so yeah, we’re in for a crazy ride. She’s the biggest joy in my life, and the piece I never knew I was missing.  It’s so hard to put into words what I would have missed out on without her.  

I’m really thrilled to join the Detroit Mom Blog as a contributor. I’m excited to share my experience and relate to readers and fellow moms with this collection of writers. Being a mom is the toughest job I’ve ever had, and I know we’d all say it’s worth it. From the second I found out we were pregnant (planned, but for some reason I was still totally shocked), I’ve been pushed outside of my comfort zone and challenged in the most beautiful ways.   I really strive to find my own way to navigate this adventure, and I hope I can be helpful to others along the way.

I look forward to connecting with you! 


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