Introducing the DMB’s of Annette…..

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The Love of my life.

{Down with Detroit}

I {heart} Detroit.  There is something about big cities that I completely whole-heartedly love, this love started as a kid when we would drive south to visit Florida.  I would always ask how many miles until the next BIG city and hope that I would be awake as we drove through.  My {love} grew and Architecture School became the next chapter of my life after high school {UofD + LTU}.  Even though Detroit is full of hardship, it is still a city full of people with hope, optimism, and creativity.  One of my favorite things to do in Detroit is visit the Ren Cen, the view of the city is perfect, especially on a clear summer night, the city sparkles.  As a mom with young ones I look forward to letting them discover the BIG city!

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{My Life}

I work really hard at trying to create a happy family life for my husband + 2 boys.  I have found that life after kids does change just like every mom said.  Honestly, I think I have indeed become a wee-bit wiser in my old age!  Well, at least I think so….!  I started as a full-time working mom and was full of stress, I was completely off-balance.  I loved being a mom more than anything in the world.  I spent 6 years studying architecture + design and another 11 years in the design community…I really started to burn out and wanted to focus my time on our family.  I wanted more out of  life than just the rigorous daily routine; get up, shower, breastfeed baby, pack the bags, drop off at Nana’s House, eat on the run, get to work, work, pick up kids, deal with 5 o’clock crabbies, cram dinner, unpack bags, play, bathe, bedtime routine, clean up, get ready for next day….It – was – exhausting.  After kids I realized my truth, I was meant to be a mom + raise my babes.  I’m learning to finally balance my life in a way that makes me + my family really happy.  To find this balance {something I am still working on everyday!} I had to learn to let go + say no.  I have set out to be a work-from-home-mom, pursing my creative ambitions while raising my family.  I started a small business out of my home, Annette’s Creation’s a Celebrations Boutique.  It is my little creative outlet that I hope to keep building + growing.  My husband and I have an amazing relationship, crazy fact, we married on our 10 year anniversary of dating in 2006…Crazy right, we are both 36 and have spent almost 2 decades together…..! We made the decision together that we wanted to keep me home and homeschool our kids.  We love the idea of “un-schooling” and raising a happy-healthy family.  This is our next chapter and we couldn’t be happier.


{Babies + Beyond}

I have my hands full with 2 boys, and I ADORE them to pieces.   My oldest {JB, a.k.a. J-Boss} is a spunky, strong willed, happy, smart 5.5 YO.  He loves reading, playing videogames + building Legos.  {His current ambition is to be a Lego Architect, which makes this mama grin ear~to~ear when she hears him say that!} His  brother and best friend is {JJ, a.k.a. Ju-Ju Bee}, he is a rambunctious, happy, free-spirit 3.5 YO.  He LOVES baseball, the outdoors and his green drinks.  {His current ambition is to be Batman because he likes to climb!}  We haven’t closed the baby-making shop yet, but nothing is currently planned!  I love the bond they are building by being homeschooled, my hope is that they are best friends for life!  Probably every moms dream for their children….!

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Hi Detroit Mommas!!! I'm Annette Rioux, co-founder of Detroit Moms Blog. I'm a work-at-home momma raising my family in Novi. I am passionate about creating a healthy + happy life for the ones I love most in this world, my husband Joel and our 2 boys JB + JJ. I am working on getting my small creative business off the ground {annette's creation's}, I homeschool our 2 boys {age 5 + age 3}, and help run this wonderful blog {DMB}! I was given this opportunity to stay home with my family when I was laid off from my Interior Design career mid-January 20-13. I was a stressed, unhappy mom wanting more freedom in my life at the time. We made many sacrifices to do this, we work everyday to keep me home raising our family. I love design, DIY, creating a healthy lifestyle, entertaining, reading, learning, coffee and just being a MOM. I'm learning how acceptance, letting go, and choosing happiness can lead me to where I need to be.


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