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Welcome!  We are so happy you have found us, we are Elizabeth Lewis and Annette Rioux founder and co-founder of the Detroit Moms Blog.  We met a few years ago through a local charity event, Relay for Life, and realized we had a lot in common, our stars aligned and with it came a great friendship and a dream was born.  Being a mom was/is on the tippy top of our list of who we are.  Here we are today, we have joined forces with a great network of moms like ourselves, the City Moms Blog Network.  We just loved the purpose of this network of moms and their vision.  Their focus was on building our local communities by connecting local moms to information and parenting perspectives to help enrich our family lives through meaningful connections with other women.  The internet has been a place I have visited often for answers to the many mommy questions I have had.  Seeking advice and opinions from others can be very helpful in making your own parenting decision.

Once I became a mom, I think this is the same for most of us, my life completely changed.  The days of being social with friends slowly started to drift further and further away.  Happy hour ended.  The kid thing kind of put a damper on my social life.  I can say my life as an interior designer allowed me the privilege of working with many talented mammas that were full of great ideas + advice!  I LOVED it, I could ask them anything and get multiple opinions and a ton of advice.  Once I was home connecting with moms became harder + harder.  DMB will be a place for us to connect, ask questions, get answers, find advice, and be inspired.  We hope you engage with us and our team of contributors, please ask questions, comment and join us when we head out into the community for moms-night-out, play dates and so much more!

Some days I truly wonder HOW can I possibly be accomplishing anything other than keeping my kids healthy, happy and safe.  As my kids started to grow so did I.  My views on life and who I was did start to shift.  All of a sudden the thought of staying home with our children, raising them and running a small business sounded perfect.  So, I set out on this journey to make this happen.  I never thought in a million years that I would ever consider homeschooling.  …Well, my mind did change, and today I am a homeschooling mom, an entrepreneur, a writer and a designer!  Life is good. I am so thankful for finding my friend and the adventures we are about to embark on bringing moms closer to their communities and sharing great parenting perspectives.

Thank you for visiting us, come back often!


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Hi Detroit Mommas!!! I'm Annette Rioux, co-founder of Detroit Moms Blog. I'm a work-at-home momma raising my family in Novi. I am passionate about creating a healthy + happy life for the ones I love most in this world, my husband Joel and our 2 boys JB + JJ. I am working on getting my small creative business off the ground {annette's creation's}, I homeschool our 2 boys {age 5 + age 3}, and help run this wonderful blog {DMB}! I was given this opportunity to stay home with my family when I was laid off from my Interior Design career mid-January 20-13. I was a stressed, unhappy mom wanting more freedom in my life at the time. We made many sacrifices to do this, we work everyday to keep me home raising our family. I love design, DIY, creating a healthy lifestyle, entertaining, reading, learning, coffee and just being a MOM. I'm learning how acceptance, letting go, and choosing happiness can lead me to where I need to be.



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