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Carly Joey and I

{Down with Detroit}

After moving to Chicago for jobs post-college, my husband and I got the opportunity to come back to Michigan over 2 years ago. We are happily settled in Birmingham.

The community has been incredibly supportive and generous as I pursue my life’s purpose as a momprenuer. I opened Michigan’s first Dailey Method barre studio in January of 2013.

I feel grateful that I get to contribute to Detroit’s growing economy with my small business. There is fresh energy and an exciting rebirth happening in this city. It has been an amazing thing to be a part of. The people are second-to-none with Midwest values. Raising my family and my business here has been incredibly fulfilling.

Carly DMBs baby Carly DMBs family

{My Life}

I am new mom of sweet baby Joey, wife of humble and loving husband, Greg and fulfilled by the best job in the world. I own The Dailey Method in Birmingham, MI. I truly feel like I am living the American Dream.

Here is a little about what makes me tick. I am passionate about all things health-related. When I am not in my favorite yoga pants, you can find me decked out in heels. I believe in balance and constantly work to achieve that in life. I love to travel and experience new cultures. I love to surround myself with strong and uplifting people. The power of womanhood exhilarates me. I love to smile! My ultimate goal is to live as the best version of myself so I can help others live as their best versions.

Carly DMBs family 2

{Babies + Beyond}

Motherhood has been a dream of mine since I can remember. Seriously. When I was 2 I dragged my mom into the baby section of the grocery store and started crying, “I want a baby!” We ultimately want 4 children (although we certainly claim the right to change our minds).

I am so blessed that I get to bring my little man to work with me. Our studio has childcare. Joey hangs out with some of the coolest childcare workers around while I teach women that it is not only okay, but it is healthy to take a little “me time.” At almost 10-months-old, Joey still breast feeds on demand.

It is truly an honor to inspire you through the health section of Detroit Moms Blog. Just like life is not one-size-fits-all, neither is health. Hopefully you find a tid bit or two from my posts that help your family live happier, healthier lives.


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