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{Down with Detroit}

I love Detroit. It’s part of my story, my roots, me. After traveling to far parts of the world and living in different states, I have a special appreciation for the city that I call home. I am happy to be back in the D, raising my family. I treasure the memories I have in the city, the honor of working for a class act Detroit Architecture firm in my past and the future of taking my son’s to the D, to build their story. Detroit, through its ups and downs, often reflects life – you never know what’s happening next, but you can appreciate the places that are sound and solid and will bring a simple smile to your face. (like riding the people mover with 4 and 7 year old boys, just for the sake of the ride, and of course we went around twice, maybe three times). Or biking along the river front. So many more discoveries to explore.

 Kate husband 1 DMBsKate Husband 2 DMBs

{My Life}

My husband picked me up at the airport. Yep, that’s where we met! The story is longer than that, but the story began with the American Youth Foundation and Camp Miniwanca on the shores of Lake Michigan. He’s been my balance and my love since we met in 2003 and married in 2005.  We had our first son, NJB, in 2007 where I returned to work in the architecture world several months after. It was hard. So hard to leave him at a daycare center, but harder to know that I was missing his precious first year, and beyond! Around 20 months, I was laid off and it was such a blessing. When NJB was a baby, I started a little business and with the layoff, I was able to focus a little more energy on my creative and photography business ( and have been busy in many ways ever since. Trying to find balance as a full time wife, mom and creative person is a challenge, but it is working.  I love it.  I am a planner, meals, grocery shopping, daily chores – they all have a place on the schedule. Eating as clean as possible and healthy is part of our family lifestyle too.

Our youngest son, SJB, joined our family in 2010 and has had us on our toes ever since! With a host of what we try to handle as simple health issues (, we have had many challenges. They could be worse, and we’re fortunate to have found a path that seems to be working. This is what really what keeps me up at night. I have always enjoyed cooking and with his health challenges we were forced to a different lifestyle. It is for the better, we are all healthier for it, and VERY aware of what we choose to put into our bodies and home.

I am privileged to be able to keep my business going to a level I feel confident. I am blessed with two amazing boys who are up for my crazy adventures and plans. My husband truly is a gift to me with his understanding that I am kind of crazy.

 Kate family DMBs

Kate boys 1 DMBs

{Babies + Beyond}

I have two fantastic boys. They are awesome. Simple as that. NJB, is my super sensitive soul and bursting with energy! His compassion and curiosity of the world and those around is quite eye opening and inspiring. I LOVE seeing how he chooses what he does during the day and learning something new from him.  He is passionate in math lessons and anything baseball. My SJB is my energy and calm – if that makes sense! He is the balance our family needed to complete our little pack. He’s a little crazy, like me, and keeps us on our toes! At 9 months, I watched him create a way to climb onto our kitchen counter and place crayons in the toaster (don’t worry, I did watch just to see, no injuries happened and no crayons were melted!) from that moment, we have an extra ear and eye in his direction. He’s the creative artist. The brothers are great friends, most of the time; I’m so proud that they chose to share a room in our new home and I can only hope that they continue this strong friendship long into their years.

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Hi Detroit Mommas!!! I'm Annette Rioux, co-founder of Detroit Moms Blog. I'm a work-at-home momma raising my family in Novi. I am passionate about creating a healthy + happy life for the ones I love most in this world, my husband Joel and our 2 boys JB + JJ. I am working on getting my small creative business off the ground {annette's creation's}, I homeschool our 2 boys {age 5 + age 3}, and help run this wonderful blog {DMB}! I was given this opportunity to stay home with my family when I was laid off from my Interior Design career mid-January 20-13. I was a stressed, unhappy mom wanting more freedom in my life at the time. We made many sacrifices to do this, we work everyday to keep me home raising our family. I love design, DIY, creating a healthy lifestyle, entertaining, reading, learning, coffee and just being a MOM. I'm learning how acceptance, letting go, and choosing happiness can lead me to where I need to be.


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