Introducing the DMBs of Kim Colon

Hello! My name is Kim Colon and I am a career woman by day and wife/mommy by, well… all the time! My husband David and I are raising a sweet and sassy 2 year old girl, Iva, who is constantly keeping us on our toes.


{Down with Detroit}

As an outdoors family, we spend time each summer in the gorgeous Upper Peninsula and on Lake Michigan. When we can’t get away we like to walk, bike, swim and explore all of the metro parks and we are always looking for new places to try. Living here our entire lives, we are still surprised by what the metro area has to offer and that is why we are trying to instill our great love of all things Michigan in our daughter. Making a happy and healthy home are our priorities and we work every day to make sure we get the most out of every experience from lying in bed watching cartoons on Sunday mornings to trips to the Zoo. We are finding the love in the little things in our life and trying not to take our blessings for granted!

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{My Life}

We started our family when I was 38 so our perspective as first time parents was little different than most of our friends who started 10 years before us. Or so we thought! We have had the fortunate and amazing experience of 11 nieces and nephews under our belts along with many friends whose kids we consider family and who call us Auntie and Uncle so we were prepared for anything. Or so we thought! As any new parent can attest, babysitting is nothing to compare to 24/7. Surprises abounded and we delighted in everyone. Maybe delighted is too strong a word; we were fascinated at every turn. We were… sleep deprived, deliriously happy and still learning. Still, even with the surprises we had in store for us, I considered myself a laid back first time mom. I didn’t sweat the dog hair or the paci that fell on the ground. I was not bothered by spit-up and I went with my gut instead of old wives tales.  I worried more about daycare and training wheels and college. My husband on the other hand, turns out to be more of “helicopter” dad.  He fretted even the hint of a cry, every wobbly step and now the reckless toddler. Then again, he’s Slurpee’s and I am organic soy milk. We make it work!


I found that my platonic friendship with photography suddenly became a passionate love affair and I started documenting every week and then month with a milestone chalkboard. I planned elaborate photo shoots without the chalkboard carefully selecting outfits and lighting. It’s an obsession that continues today.

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{Baby + Beyond}

I stopped reading novels by the truckload and started reading mom blogs and devouring Pinterest in my few quiet hours each day. (Along with reading about 17 children’s books a day!) I stopped watching E! and started watching Sprout. I stopped eating hummus for dinner and started cooking meals. I changed a lot of old habits and hobbies. I regret nothing. 

That brought me here. Finding an amazing community of supportive and inspiring moms, from all walks of life with varied opinions and ideas made me want to contribute my own. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could help brighten a day, share an idea, inspire a change and most importantly just make someone smile.





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