Introducing the DMB’s of Patty Werner….

Hi! I am Patty Werner, mother of three, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant and Owner of Baby Sleep All Night! Wow! That’s a mouthful! A little bit about me…

I grew up in Grand Blanc, ½ of the last set of 3 SETS OF TWINS! Yes, you read that correctly!  My parents had 7 children, including 3 sets of twins, all natural!  I have an oldest brother, Kurt; then 2 years later came Kathy and Karen; (side note: my sister is Karen Newman, National Anthem Singer for the Red Wings) then 18 months later Christie and Carol (born on Christmas Day, get it?  Christmas Carol) arrived. Finally, 5 years later, my mom wanted one baby she could spoil… And OOPS!  My twin brother, Peter and I were born on New Years Day!  Talk about a crazy household, especially during the holidays with so many birthdays!  But… I loved and cherish each and every moment of my childhood!

Fast forward, I graduated from the University of Michigan with my Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Child Development.  I have most of the work done on my Masters in Community Counseling at Oakland University.  I interrupted my studies to earn my Certification as a Sleep Consultant from the International Maternity Institute in California.  During my years of formal education, I had three children, my son Jordan (age 24), and my daughters, Kennedy (age 18) and Nicolette (age 13), which began the real, down and dirty, life education!  Being a mother is and always has been my priority.  I had Jordan when I was 23 because my desire to be a mom outweighed everything else in the world for me.  Motherhood, as we all know, hasn’t always been easy.  But even during the incredibly difficult times, I thank God everyday for the blessings of my children.

As a Maternity and Baby Sleep Consultant, my clients include moms-to-be who want to take the guessing game out of infant sleep before baby arrives and/or are having trouble sleeping themselves; all the way to families with children (birth to age 5) struggling with their child’s sleep.  After carefully gathering all of the information necessary, I construct a personalized sleep plan and support it’s implementation one-on-one.  My holistic approach does not involve Crying It Out! Based on the family dynamics, their current scenario, the baby’s developmental stage and temperament, parent’s tolerance for crying, among many other variables, I put together a training method and daily plan that gently and respectfully helps little ones learn to self-soothe and develop the all important, life-long, skill of independent sleep.  I truly believe that a well-rested family is a healthy and happy family! Check out my website for more details. 

 I am honored to be a member of Detroit Mom’s Blog and the wonderful community of mothers gathered here! ~Patty

Family Periodical

 A Picture of My Parents and 7 Children, I am in my Dad’s arms

Patty with Family 3 kids

Jordan, Kennedy and Nikki at my sister’s wedding last summer

patty Headshot

Patty Werner, Baby Sleep Consultant

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Patty Werner
My role as a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant is to empower my clients by offering support and education tailored for meeting the unique sleep needs of each individual family during pregnancy and postpartum. I advise my clients of all of their options and work closely with them to reach their goals. I am vested in their success and feel honored and blessed to be able to work with families and their precious little ones toward this important goal that ultimately impacts all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. As a Certified Sleep Consultant from the accredited International Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant Institution and mother of three children, my background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Child Development, and work toward my Masters Degree in Counseling at Oakland University.


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