The Plunge Into Pink

I thought I was meant to be a boy-mom.  Three years and two boys.  So, in August when I found out my husband and I were expecting our third, I just assumed it would be another boy. Guess what?? We are expecting a girl in April! Holy smokes.  What am I supposed to do with this news? I am an expert in monster trucks and fart jokes.  Not bows and barbie dolls.  I love my guys.  They are loud, funny and cannot sit still. They keep me on my toes.  And while I fantasize about dressing my little girl up in pink dresses and going on shopping dates as she grows older, I realize that might not be the case.  She might be more into baseball and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I’m totally okay with that.  


I might be new at raising girls, but I’ve been a girl for 35 years.  I have learned a thing or two. I am going to try to keep my expectations in check, but here are a few things that I know I want to instill in her:

  • It’s okay to be girly, we can paint your nails, wear dresses and braid your hair, but only if you want to.
  • Being a girl is not an excuse for anything.  Your muscles might not be as big as your brother’s, but you can be just as strong in so many ways.
  • Don’t attempt to be the best girl or the first girl at anything.  Just attempt to be the best and first.
  • Concentrate on being strong, not skinny.
  • If anyone ever calls you ugly you can punch them in the face.  **THIS IS JUST A JOKE** 
  • Your daddy will be the first man who truly loves you. Everyone else will pale in comparison.
  • Your mom knows a lot about make up.  Trust her advice.  A strong red lip might not be right for history class.
  • Being a strong woman can encompass so many things.  Intelligence, courage, passion or even physical strength.  Find what works for you.
  • Don’t worry about what size your pantyhose are.  Go up a size if you want to be comfortable.  Too small pantyhose are the WORST.


Wow! And that is just the beginning of my thoughts.  I thought I knew what having a full heart was like, but I’ve been told it is just getting good!

And, just to warm my heart a little more . . . it is amazing to see how sweet my boys already are about ‘baby sissy’.  Charlie, my oldest wants to give her kisses, talks to her through my belly and tells her how she is his ‘best princess ever’.  Although I’m not sure my little guy, Henry, knows exactly what’s going on, he follows his brother and gives my belly hugs and kisses. So sweet!

Like I said, I know how to be a boy-mom but maybe being a girl-mom isn’t so different.  I’ll still love as much, support as much, and give the same amount of hugs and kisses.  So I’ll continue to make my mistakes and hopefully learn from them with out screwing them up too much in the process.

Were you Team Boy until suddenly a girl was thrown in the mix, what did you find to be different? What about Team Girl mom’s who suddenly find themselves parenting a boy? We’d love to hear your experiences!



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