Join Us :: City Moms Blog Network 2nd Annual #CMBNFavThings2015 Twitter Party!

Awesome Brands.

Loads of Giveaways.

Lots of chit-chat.

Do we have your attention yet?!

You’re invited to join City Moms Blog Network and our 35+ Sister Sites for our 2nd Annual Favorite Things Twitter party where we’ll chat about some amazing products other moms are loving! After hearing about each of the products, we’re sure you will want to take them all home. That’s why we’re giving away lots of products to a number of lucky winners throughout the party!  This year Our National Team has brought you over $3000 in giveaways! Pretty exciting right?!  That’s probably why last year CMBN was trending on Twitter {kind of a big deal!} and we hope that some Detroit moms will take some of these great gifts home this year!  

Here are the details for
April 9th @ 9pm CST / 10pm EST



Never heard of a Twitter Party before?!  Don’t worry we are here to help!  
{Don’t forget to register HERE!}


A Twitter Party Guide for Beginners:

  • Sign up for a FREE Twitter Account. If you don’t have one already, go to Twitter and get a free account. Click the yellow “Sign Up” button found on the right side of your screen. Twitter will then take you through the process of creating a new account. (To join a Twitter party or chat, you must NOT make your account protected/private, but rather accessible to everyone.)

  • Familiarize yourself with Twitter. Follow some of your friends or people/organizations you are interested in (Start by following @CityMomsBlog!). Send a few tweets, see how your timeline updates with new posts once you start to follow others.

  • Follow the Party Host : @CityMomsBlog

  • Follow the Party Hashtag : #CMBNFavThings2015. The hashtag is the key to this party. Think of it as a keyword (or phrase). Without it, this Twitter party won’t work. Each attendee must include #CMBNFavThings2015 in each tweet sent in order to be “seen” and included in the party. Without it, your tweet is just a tweet and won’t be recognized as being part of the Twitter party. You might also consider using TweetChat to focus just on the conversation happening around our party.  To make it easy, TweetChat will automatically add the #CMBNFavThings2015 party hashtag for you. Otherwise, you can search for the hashtag through the Twitter search feature, but this will require refreshing your browser to see the most recent tweets that use that hashtag.

  • Have Fun! Don’t worry about trying to view every tweet. Just sit back, say what’s on your mind, explore the brands being discussed and have fun!

  • How to Win. Throughout the hour long party, we’ll be devoting 2-3 minutes to each participating brand.  During that portion of the party, we encourage all attendees to tag the specific brand we’re highlighting and tell us what you think about their products, if you’re familiar with them or not. Anyone that engages in conversation by tagging the sponsor and using our event hashtag, will be automatically entered for your chance to win that specific brand giveaway.

<<<<Register HERE now!!!>>>>


For a full list of City Moms Blog Networks 2015 Favorite Things follow this link #CMBNFavThings 

Here are a few of our partnering brands to peak your interest :: Lucy Darling | Estilo Cards | Fresh Wave | Lily Jade | R. Riveter | I SEE ME | Pandora Jewelry | Pacific Play Tents | Little Pnuts | BabyBjörn | MPIX | Capri Blue | momAgenda | Crane | Lisa Leonard | Mountain Buggy | Silpat | Bébé au Lait | Re-Play | Potato Feet | The Little Gym | Mommy Mailbox | NeatCheeks | Maui Jim | Bitybean | Lands’ End | Origami Owl


<<<<Good Luck Detroit Moms>>>>

Please share with us here at Detroit Moms Blog if you are one of the lucky winners
we would LOVE to hear from you!!!


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