A Letter from Heaven

I often wonder what my husband would say to our children if he was alive. If he had more time would he have written them a letter or left them a video? With those thoughts I had a revelation, his words came to me and I knew exactly how to capture them as if they were straight out of his mouth. This is ultimately for my children and I hope they look back at these words and find comfort knowing their daddy is here, always.


Please know that I didn’t want to leave you, I fought as hard as I possibly could to spend just one more day with you, to read one more book to you and to hold you in my arms for just another minute. It’s so important to me that you know my love for you is with you every day. It’s in the wind, it’s in the rain and it’s the calm that surrounds you at the end of the day. When you are lonely or sad, talk to me, I’m here always. I have a few pieces of fatherly advice for you, read these words and carry them with you. Your mom is and will always be Beverly Goldberg on steroids! She is the epitome of a smother mother and will love you endlessly no matter what you do or say. Listen to her, she is wise and will never steer you wrong. Remember, always tell the truth even when it hurts. Son, chivalry will never be dead, hold the door, buy that special woman flowers. Surprise her when she least expects it and spend your life with someone who truly makes it special. Never settle for anything. Keep your friends very close to your heart and be loyal to everyone you love. Please watch out for your sisters, protect them and don’t let them date until they are 21! Show them how a man should treat a woman and be a great example for them. Last, be whoever you want to be. A wrestler, football player, doctor, teacher or artist. Be you. I love you.

Gracyn and Hayden, 

You have never met me in person, you have never felt my arms hug you or my fingers tickle your toes and my lips kiss your sweet cheeks. However, I am with you every day. I visit you in your dreams. When you are sitting alone and you start laughing, that’s me telling you a very bad joke, that’s me making a silly face. Please know that though I won’t be physically with you, I will be with you on your first day of school. I will be there to hug you when you get your heart broken. To whisper to you he’s not worth it and to tell you that any guy would be lucky to have you. I will be there on your wedding day, walking you down the aisle, my arm wrapped around yours. When the pastor asks who gives this woman to this man I will say, I do. Never settle for anything but the very best in life. Do not give your mom a hard time, she will give it right back to you! Don’t ever smoke or do drugs. Don’t date losers, and please don’t date until you are 21. Your big brother will also reinforce this. Let Weston protect you, let him watch out for you. My hope for you is that you always try your best, even if you fail it’s so important to always try. You won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t make an effort. You are destined to do great things. Be you. I love you.


To the three of you

I am with you and I love you. I am the luckiest dad in the world because I have a front row seat here in heaven, looking down on you and cheering you on as loud as I can. Promise me you will dance in the rain, sing loudly in the car, never take yourself too seriously and live each day like it’s your last. Again, please know that I fought to the very last breath I took to stay with you. If I could have just one more day with you I would spend it reading to you, laughing with you and telling you how much I love you.


Love you always and forever,



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