Lighten Your Load With a Spring Declutter

Earlier this year, I decluttered my entire house. I couldn’t find the socks, my black leggings, nor the mouse to the computer. I got frustrated and started to throw everything away. Once I looked around the room (still no mouse), I could see the carpet again and I found a pack of tacks I needed last week. Nonetheless, I felt a huge weight lifted. 

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declutter, declutteredThings became space holders.

No longer did they hold a reason for their existence. I remember getting to the closet and thinking, “How did I get here?” I was at a place of owning things that took up not just space in my home, but in my mind. Why am I so obsessed with things that no longer serve me?

The ultimate declutter came when I decided three things: 

  1. I no longer wanted things that meant nothing to me.
  2. My life is about being intentional.
  3. What I own says so much about who I am.

Start big or start small, but make sure you START.

Change your mindset and habits, because if you declutter with the same mindset, then you’ll just find yourself organizing and decluttering every week. 

  • Buy things with intention.
  • Understand why you’re doing it.
  • Make sure you’re ready.

Have you been working to declutter your spaces? Consider a donation to Habitat for Humanity with Whitney’s tips here.


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