Meet Jesi, a Romeo Mom!


Hello DMB Readers!

My name is Jesi, and I am a born and raised Michigander from the small town of Romeo.

I grew up in the typical all-American family. I am the daughter of middle-school sweethearts, and the younger sister to two very protective brothers. Spending time together as a family was always important growing up, and that is a value I still hold near to my heart with my own family.

I graduated from Oakland University with a degree in journalism and communication. My dream was to be the next Katie Couric, and I had the sassy haircut to prove it. While in college, I started working part-time for a pretty amazing company. 11 years and several promotions later, I hung up the news anchor dream for a career in the world of management, HR and recruiting.

A few months before graduation, a mutual friend introduced me to a handsome fella named Matt. We had an instant connection like no other, and I knew he was something special. I even told my Mom after our first date that I would marry him, and now we are celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary. I have always said that Matt is the calm to my storm, and is my true Prince Charming.


We spent a few years settling into married life, our careers and renovating our first home. During this time, and through much of my life, I had bouts of being very sick. Shortly after getting married I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disease. Initially, it was scary and we were unsure exactly what to do, but with the support of Matt, and my amazing parents, we got through the first year (the biggest hurdle). I am 100% gluten free, and love to share the things I have learned, plus great places/things to eat via my Gluten Free Beauty Queen Facebook page.

After enjoying a few blissful years of marriage, we decided it was time to expand our little family. We tried for two years, using every old wives tale we could find, and to no avail. Realizing there was a deeper issue, we began visiting a fertility clinic. After a year of high dose, low dose, this shot, that pill, and nearly daily appointments, we waved the white flag and gave up.

In the midst of it all, we adopted our ‘furbaby’ and now first born, Teddy. That little fluff ball got us through the disappointing rejection calls each month. We also began to prepare for ‘childless living,’ which is the acceptance that life will be just us with no offspring. We took a long trip to Mexico, rocked out at several country concerts, and even sold our home.


After a few weeks of the ‘flu,’ on November 24, 2014, we got the surprise of a lifetime when we found out we were eight weeks pregnant. There were so many emotions every time we told someone we were expecting, and our pregnancy was celebrated by family and friends as a true gift from God. In July 2015, we welcomed our beautiful son Blake into the world.


Growing up in Romeo was amazing. It is a true small town where you will always run into someone you know, or someone who knows your family. There is always something to do in Romeo, from festivals to just enjoying all of the wonderful shops and restaurants.

Here are a few of my favorite parts of Romeo:

Michigan Peach Festival of Romeo
The Michigan Peach Festival started back in 1931, and this year will be the 85th annual event! There is truly something for people of all ages at the five day festival. There are multiple parades, a car show, craft/vendor show, a carnival and multiple beer tents. This is something I have attended and participated in since I was born, and am excited to share it with Blake!

Terror on Tilson
Halloween brings out the fun for everyone in this yearly tradition. Residents on Tilson Street in downtown Romeo go all out with their Halloween decor, covering almost ever home on the street. Visitors come from all over the state to stroll up and down the street taking in the scary sites at each home. The residents of Tilson street have taken advantage of the large crowds, and have starting selling items to benefit various charities. A good scare to help a good cause!

St. Baldrick’s of Romeo
St. Baldrick’s is an amazing organization that has a goal of conquering childhood cancer. A community member brought this event to Romeo eight years ago, and it has become a yearly tradition in our town. Community members set up a fundraising goal, and shave their heads…girls, guys, young and old, I have seen it all! Since introducing this event to Michigan, over 1.4 million dollars has been raised, and Romeo is consistently in the top five fundraisers in the world!

Mom life sure is the best life! I love being a mom, a wife, a small town girl and a professional. I am excited to share more with you in the future!


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