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5 Reasons a Minivan is the Right Choice for Your Family


The love of my life. My heart beats for you. My soulmate. My everything. You are every bit of perfect as I imagined. I don’t know how I survived without you in my life. I still remember the butterfly feeling I had the day you entered my life. You’re all I need, my love …. My minivan.


I m very proud of the day I unlocked the Mom Status of acquiring a minivan to tote my family and the growing pile of belongings that go with us everywhere. I remember it like it was yesterday (June 30, 2014). Most moms I talk have, at one time or another, thought about getting a minivan. Some moms are a firm yes or no. Others are on the fence. The reasons for being on the fence vary (cost, fuel economy, too big, “mom” vehicle). If you are on the fence about getting a minivan, or are hesitant about the taking the plunge, please continue reading. A minivan is absolutely the best option for you. Here are my top five reasons why:

1. STOW AND GO: These three little words have been my savior more times than I can count. With the third row seating, the options for seating arrangements are numerous. Children arguing? Buckle them into opposite sides of the vehicle! Overdid in on your Target Run? Stow a seat and there’s instantly room for more bags! Holidays and vacation travels got you overpacking? Store the extra child-baggage underneath the seats! I keep a travel seat and carrier for my infant, and blanket and travel toys for my preschooler, in my minivan at all times

2. STORAGE: *See above for info on Stow & Go* There are also storage pockets in every door, behind the front seats, in the front seat’s center console area, in overhead compartments, etc. There is literally storage space EVERYWHERE! I always have diaper wipes and tissues, a few dry snacks, and a couple books in my ride.

That is a fully opened stroller in the trunk of my sweet ride

3. FUEL ECONOMY: Minivans average about 17-28 MPG (miles per gallon), depending on the model minivan you’re getting. This is a lot better gas mileage than the majority of full-size SUVs. Some minivans offer economy fuel settings that allow for better gas mileage when you are driving in certain conditions.

4. SMOOTH RIDE: I kid you not, after all the wear and tear I’ve put into my car over the last couple years, this baby still drives like the powerful and safe piece of machinery that she started with. As recent as last month, people have commented on how smooth she drives. She has amazing suspension to outlast the terrors that are Michigan Roads. She also has an impeccable turn radius for getting into (and out of) those tight parking spots

5. BONUSES: There are so many “extras” you can add to your minivan to customize it to what fits your needs most. I am in my car A LOT! So here are a few of the extras you can choose from: heated suede seats, heated steering wheel, DVD player, remote start, keyless entry, blind spot detection, illuminating cupholders, driver seat memory, interior observation mirror, rear back-up camera, tire inflator, sunroof, and universal garage door opener.

We only take minivan selfies when we’re parked #safetyfirst


  1. I can hardly wait to get my new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid (I have never owned a minivan). With my typical daily little trips around town most of the time, this mom will rarely be using gas, not to mention how cool all the safety and entertainment options are.


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