Mock Fantasy Fall Draft

Growing up, I thought it was unwritten and not discussed that everyone’s favorite season in Michigan was summer. After being cooped up all winter, it’s that time to get outside, soak up the Vitamin D and wear tank tops. But as I get older, those around me seem to get more excited for fall.

And what better way to get in the Fall spirit and kick off every Michigander’s favorite season, than talking Fantasy Football? Well the DMB version of Fantasy Football… our Mock Fantasy {Fall} Draft! This is where you’ll find a list of everyone’s favorite fall activities ranked by: overall excitement, ability to be enjoyed as an individual or family, uniqueness to the season and pure joy. 

…And with the number one overall pick in the 2016 Detroit Moms Blog Fantasy Fall Draft, the DMB’s select:

  1. Cider Mill (Excitement: 8, Enjoy as a Family: 10, Uniqueness to Fall: 10, Joy: 9, OVERALL: 9.25)

    A true family outing that has everyone excited for Fall. Whether you go for the fresh cider, warm donuts, apple picking or all of the above, cider mills (or apple orchards if that’s what you call them) are a MUST DO for the fall. While they typically open in late August and run through the holiday season, Saturdays and Sundays are guaranteed to be packed with lines up to an hour long for those fresh & warm donuts and a gallon of cider. You’ll find a list of our favorites in our Ultimate Fall Bucket List here.



  2. (TIE) College Football (Excitement: 10, Enjoy as a Family: 8, Uniqueness to Fall: 9, Joy: 9, OVERALL: 9)

    Most people in the Midwest have been waiting since New Year’s Day for the College Football season to start once again. It’s another reason to look forward to the weekend as we spend all day Saturday glued to the TV, if you’re lucky enough, in the stands cheering on your alma mater. It’s a fun family event that never seems to last long enough. Who are you rooting for this season? {Go Spartans!}

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  3. (TIE) Foliage Tours (Excitement: 7, Enjoy as a Family: 10, Uniqueness to Fall: 10, Joy: 9, OVERALL: 9)

    Though it is unlikely to be on the top of the to-do list for anyone under the age of 20, heading Up North from Southeast Michigan is definitely a sight from mid-to-late September until the last leaf falls in October. Need some guidance as you take your family or friends to your favorite winery? Check out Pure Michigan’s Fall Colors Tour

    High five to anyone that plans a wedding in a beautiful fall setting! Pictured here at Michigan State University's Botanical Gardens.
    High five to anyone that plans a wedding in a beautiful fall setting! Pictured here at Michigan State University’s Botanical Gardens.
  4. Eating Fall treats (Excitement: 8, Enjoy as a Family: 8, Uniqueness to Fall: 10, Joy: 8, OVERALL: 8.5)

    Cider and donuts and S’mores, oh my! Nothing may feel more like fall than the treats we enjoy. Maybe you’ve been waiting all summer long for your first sip of a Pumpkin Spice Latte or maybe you prefer a slice of apple cake instead, one thing is for sure, fall treats don’t come around long enough.

  5. Tailgating (Excitement: 8, Enjoy as a Family: 7, Uniqueness to Fall: 8, Joy: 9, OVERALL: 8)

    While some might think that tailgating goes hand-in-hand with football, it probably isn’t as family friendly as the game itself. Depending on the time of kickoff, this fall-favorite can last a few hours or take up the greater part of your Saturday. Here’s to hoping many of our fall Saturday’s temperatures are mild, sunny and without precipitation.

  6. Outdoor Activities (Excitement: 7, Enjoy as a Family: 8, Uniqueness to Fall: 7, Joy: 8, OVERALL: 7.5)

    Whether you’re looking forward to a bonfire, backyard football or apple picking, this is the season to be outside. The heat and humidity have {finally} left us and it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities; It probably doesn’t hurt that the scenery isn’t terrible either, with the ever-changing leaves and the ability to plant some mums, the entire family is able to get out and enjoy some fresh air before we’re stuck inside all winter.

  7. Wardrobe Change (Excitement: 8, Enjoy as a Family: 1, Uniqueness to Fall: 8, Joy: 7, OVERALL: 6)

    What is more comfortable that a sweatshirt, jeans and boots? The answer: nothing. Fall is the best season for practical clothes: they’re comfortable yet still stylish. You likely don’t have to wear a coat and can still accessorize. The only downfall to the fall wardrobe change is that it’s not something that’s enjoyed together as a family… unless you buy coordinating outfits, of course!


So there it is, your 2016 DMB Mock Fantasy {Fall} Draft. We hope you’re as excited for the first day of Fall {September 22nd} as we are!


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