Mom’s the Word

Lindsey Moms the word square

If I received a dollar for every time I heard the word “mom” called out to me, I think I would be a millionaire. Ha!

While this is definitely an exaggeration on my part, doesn’t it feel like all you hear all day, every day is Mom? Momma? Mommy? My mom used to say…”Just call me Diane.” I totally didn’t get it then, but boy do I get it now.  Even though she was joking, I am sure at times there was a glimpse of truth behind those words.  My mom used to say that I would say over and over again….”momma, momma, momma.”  Did I potentially exhaust the word as a child? Maybe just a little.  Love you mom!

While the word “mom” is definitely a sacred word in my book, it can be overused to the point of mental exhaustion.  Who is with me so far? LOL!  Sure, I love being a mother and I love hearing the word at times, it also can become stressful and draining.  How can one word be so bittersweet at times?  If I had to weigh the pros and cons though of being a mom, I’d say the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.  I mean they have to, right?  They are only little for so long and they will grow up and eventually not need us as much anymore. {Inserting a deep…sigh.}

Mom is definitely the word of the day every day in our house.  How about yours?  Feel free to share any fun mom moments with us.  We would love to read them.


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