The TV Mom Guide: 2017 Edition

I know what you’re thinking, “who has time for TV”? I do. It’s my me time. When the whole house is sleeping, and I should be too, I go to my DVR and fire it up. For 30 minutes I watch one of my favorite TV moms navigate her little corner of the fictional world with humor and attitude. If you like moms who keep it real, stick with me. Here are my top 4 TV moms that you can find on the small screen in 2017.

Sam Fox, Better Things
FX, Thursday 10pm

A single working mom in Hollywood, Sam does not play around. This dark comedy shows the cold-hard truth of raising three girls without the help of an absent father. Not only is she crazy cool, she takes “mom shaming” like a champ in the form of instantly dishing it back. She’s doing motherhood her own way and not trying to win Mother of the Year. Sam is the portrait of strong, she isn’t one of the many frazzled, trying to survive moms. She doesn’t fall apart when things get tough. She finds the humor and keeps rolling. She gives her kids just enough guidance to not ruin their lives and leaves room for them to figure it out on their own. At the end of it all, she has a big heart and encourages her three girls to be individuals. Sam’s message is to be yourself. Take time for you. And don’t worry about the details. The kids will be fine (and probably better off)

Jill Kargman, Odd Mom Out
Bravo, Tuesday 10pm

The moms around her have wealth, pretty blond hair and all the right Birkin bags.  It isn’t just her gothic clothing that makes her stand out in a sea of designer clothing–she has one thing none of them have and that’s a personality.  Her “is this really happening” demeanor is irresistible. Jill is an artist and an individual and and totally stands out against the competitive picture perfect Manhattan moms around her. Thankfully she has her husband and best buddy, Vanessa, to compare stories with and remind each other that the uber wealth they are surrounded by is both ridiculous and abnormal. Jill’s message is to find your own kind of crazy and rock it hard. In a sea of pink, be the black.

Claire Dunphy, Modern Family
ABC, Wednesday 9pm

Don’t mess with Claire. She’s loyal, sarcastic and we’ve never seen her turn down a glass of wine. She pretended to be taking yoga classes but was secretly perfecting her skills at the firing range. That’s how she rolls. Claire is pretty uptight, but melts fast when it comes to her kids and her extended family. Claire nags, but it helps. She knows her husband and her kids through and through and isn’t afraid to push them in the direction she knows is right.  Claire’s message is to find your tribe and stick together.

Katie Mixon, American Housewife
Fox, Wednesday 9:30pm

Katie might be my favorite of the bunch. She describes herself as the “second fattest mom in town” and totally freaks out when the first fattest declares she’s moving. Not so deep down Katie wants to “drink wine in her bathtub” and ignore her daily mom duties. We’ve all felt that. She pretended to be pregnant to get out of volunteering and meets her BFF’s for breakfast every day after school drop off. Katie isn’t as tough as she plays out and really steps up to the plate to bat for her kids. Katie’s message is to love fiercely and stand your ground.  She messes up (a lot) and always admits when she’s wrong.

Do you watch any of these moms on the tube?  Who else makes your list?




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