A Detroit Red Wings Family Guide to Little Caesars Arena

If you live in the frosty state of Michigan, then you’re probably no stranger to the enthusiastic spirit of Hockeytown. The cold weather is in full swing, and so is Detroit Red Wings Hockey!

This year is special as the Detroit Red Wings announced the arrival of new general manager, Steve Yzerman a former Detroit Red Wings player. The former Wings’ captain led the team to three Stanley Cup wins during his career and is expected, as the coach, to lead the team to triumph again.

The state-of-the-art Little Caesars Arena (LCA) opened in 2017 as part of a project aimed at revitalizing Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood. If you had settled into the comfort of Joe Louis Arena, former home of the Detroit Red Wings, and this is all new to you, you’re not alone! Detroit Mom has all the must-know information to help you enjoy family outings at the new arena in the heart of Detroit.

Getting Ready for The Big Game

  1. First, Pick Your Game: Choose your home game and scope out your seats before heading downtown. Then, buy your tickets. Although ticket prices vary from $25-190, children under two may sit on your lap, free of charge. Select seats in the arena will be most accommodating for your children. If you have a choice, try to sit in a location (like end-of-row seats) where constant trips to the bathroom won’t bother surrounding patrons. Avoiding the higher bowls will eliminate the need for carrying small children up and down the many steps.
  2. Get into the Red Wings Spirit: If part of your day job involves long strolls down the aisles at Target, you might want to take note! Purchase Red Wings game apparel at a discount from big box stores. Show support in other ways like teaching your crew the “Let’s Go, Red Wings!” chant on the way to the game or perhaps making a courteous homemade sign to display at the start of the game and during breaks at Little Caesars Arena.
  3. What to Pack: Little Caesars Arena prohibits bags that are bigger than 14”x14”x 6”. Hard-sided bags of any kind are also prohibited. Diaper bags and medical bags are allowed. Little Caesars Arena reserves the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous or suspicious. You may want to pack hearing protection for your children, your cell phone (and make sure that all your tickets are downloaded and ready for Ticketmaster’s mobile ticketing technology at the door), and cash or cards.
  4. Parking on Game Night: Little Caesars Arena provides a parking guide to help locate the best parking places in the area. The arena even offers online parking reservations, so you can save your spot and know exactly where to go ahead of game day. Save the hassle of waiting last minute to find a parking spot and reserve parking ahead of time. Nearby, there are parking decks that are affordable and conveniently located.
  5. Prepare Your Kids for Hockey: Enjoying a smaller hockey game ahead of time can help tell if the kids are into it in the first place! Also, it is not a bad idea to prepare your kids ahead of time for the tough parts of hockey like fighting and injuries. This is helpful, so they’re not shocked when it occurs. Plymouth, MI is home to the USA Hockey Arena, which claims to provide the foundation for the sport of ice hockey in America and promotes a lifelong love for the game.
  6. Take a tour: Enjoy 60-to-90-minute arena tours, which curate an authentic experience and also allow room to explore VIP areas at the home of the Red Wings. This could be your chance to scope it all out without the hassle on game day and sneak a peek behind the scenes.

Keeping Daddy Happy

If your husband is going to a hockey game with his kids in tow, he’s going to need a cold brew. While you’re at, get him some good old fashioned “man food.” Keeping Daddy happy on game day is easy at this state of the art facility!

  1. Budweiser Biergarten & Lounge: There is a variety of domestic, craft, and international beer available at LCA in addition to many other tasty craft cocktails. The infamous Budweiser Biergarten has “Daddy” written all over it! It’s a large outdoor area that features a spacious patio and lawn area. The lounge has a retractable roof and walls to accommodate all types of weather.
  2. Hockey Food: Bring on the pizza! Little Caesars Arena offers a variety of eateries and restaurants any family man is bound to love. Whether it’s a “Made in Detroit Burger” from Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit or a round classic pie from the Little Caesars Kitchen, the dad in your crew won’t go hungry on game day at the home of the Red Wings!
  3. In-Game Experiences: See if Daddy is even paying attention to anything but the score! If you’re feeling extra for this family outing, plan ahead and leave a nice message on the video and score-board or allow him to fulfill the manliest man dream of all and set him up with a surprise ZAMBONI RIDE. His children will watch their hero in awe!
  4. Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!: Did I mention you’re attending a live Detroit Red Wings Hockey game at Little Caesars Arena with your family? Daddy is ALL GOOD.

Keeping the Kids Happy

When it comes to Detroit Hockey, Little Caesars Arena takes care of kids. Children of all ages get to have the same great experience as their grown-ups.

1. Hockeytown Heritage: Learn the history of Hockeytown, celebrated through various artifact exhibits, interactives, and artwork. Don’t miss a photo opportunity next to hockey legends like Gordie Howe or a stroll down the walk of fame. Seek out the arena’s one-of-a-kind organ, and it’s one-of-a-kind organ player! Spend time between periods enjoying touch screen exhibits and more.
2. Kids Club Membership: Members receive exclusive membership kits, birthday cards from players and other exclusive opportunities like viewing their name on the video board during home games. Members may receive special ticket offers on select games and events, too.
3. First Game Certificates: Grab your kids an official “First Game!” certificate, which is available at the Kids Club kiosk outside Portal 14 through the first intermission. Following intermission, these certificates can be found at the Guest Services Offices. Your kids will have a take-away to remember this special game day.

Keeping Mommy Happy

Keeping mommy happy is the hardest part of all. Let’s face it: we all know she’s more focused on keeping this family outing functional. Little Caesars Arena provides amenities, which allow mothers to worry less about logistics and more about enjoying the game with the people we cherish most. To keep Mama cool during the big game and to accommodate the needs of her family outside the home, Little Caesars Arena provides many “Mom-Conscious” conveniences!

  1. Healthy Food: Little Caesars Arena provides grilled chicken and a variety of grilled options of food throughout the arena. Additional healthy options are found throughout the arena; search for the St. Joseph Mercy Health System Healthy Choice logo on menus around the arena.
  2. Sensory Inclusive: Little Caesars Arena has proudly partnered with KultureCity to make sure all events hosted at the arena are sensory-sensitive inclusive and accommodate a positive experience. This new initiative parallels the missions of KultureCity.
  3. Nursing Mothers: For the comfort of nursing mothers, there is a “Mothers Room.” Located on the street level concourse outside Portal 20, this location includes a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and private, curtained areas with electrical outlets. Breast pumps are permitted inside the arena.
  4. Wine: Offering a collection of premium local spirits and craft brews, frozen cocktails, and mommy’s favorite wines, “On Ice” is open during event days at Little Caesars Arena! Let Daddy have the kids for a period. Take a walk and snag a solo moment for your own to spice up the next period of the game!

Maybe You’re Not a Red Wings Fan…

Maybe you’re not into hockey (maybe you’re crazy), or maybe you’re not a Red Wings fan. Perhaps you’ll take part in basketball games or Disney On Ice though. Little Caesars Arena has something for everyone. From girls to boys, toddler-aged or ready to hit the rock show, Little Caesars Arena provides entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

Michigan is deeply rooted in a culture that celebrates hockey. Little Caesars Arena provides an atmosphere that promotes the sport and a family-style vibe to enjoy it in. Serving our families with more than just a rare date night out for mom and dad, Little Caesars Arena provides a family encompassing atmosphere, every single time!



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