I Refuse to Live in Fear

Growing up, stranger danger was just something you occasionally heard about on the news; Terrorist attacks happened abroad; And sex trafficking wasn’t something our parents worried about when taking us to the mall.

Life was much different in the 80’s and 90’s. We could ride our bikes to school without locking them on the bike rack and they’d still be there waiting for us at 3:30. We could go to the park by ourselves so long as we were home before dinner. We could attend a concert without the fear that someone would attack the venue.

In a world where you read, see and hear about tragedies, abductions, and abuse on a daily basis, it’s no wonder our society thrives on panic and pessimism.

But I refuse to live in fear.

I won’t let the actions of others’ affect how my family chooses to live. I will continue to take my son to baseball games and movie theaters, keeping my closest eye on him and our surroundings. I will allow him to be a kid at the park, challenging his strength and speed while still ensuring his safety. He’ll continue coming with me on quick trips to the grocery store and the mall, giving him my full attention and keeping distractions (IE my cell phone) to a minimum.

I’m not naive but I can’t let the bad guys win. They want us to be fearful, vulnerable and sensitive. It’s in times like these where we can truly see the strength of motherhood. Where instead of judging the behavior of someone else’s children, talking behind each other’s backs, or acting like others’ problems don’t concern us, we step up and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We lend a helping hand when we see another mom struggling. We put our differences aside and simply have each other’s backs.

In a world that sees adversity daily, it’s our job as moms to educate our children on safety and unity and empower each other to live our lives to the fullest. So here’s to a new chapter of empowerment, trust, confidence, and acceptance.

May our children learn to thrive in an environment that negates fear and promotes positivity every single day. 



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