If the Shoe Fits, Buy It!

Mooshu Trainers package
I received a free pair of Mooshu Trainers for my son in exchange for writing this post. Detroit Moms Blog believes in endorsing products we value and all opinions are genuine and 100% our own.

My little man might not be back to school with the rest of Metro Detroit but he’s definitely focused on learning! One of the most exciting {and terrifying} events we’re currently experiencing is learning how to walk. Between the lack of balance, falling, tears and flailing of the arms, some days I feel like all I do is scoop him off the floor. 

I’ve learned that a toddler’s first pair of shoes is super important for coordination and development, so I made sure to do my research on what brand(s) to try. While I typically try not to buy the most expensive clothes, shoes or accessories for Holden since there’s a good chance he’ll outgrow it quickly or he’ll ruin it.

I’ve learned that if the shoe fits, buy it!


Mooshu-Logo-EmailAfter a few recommendations from family and friends, I decided to check out Mooshu Trainers, a family-owned, family-tested, and family-loved company out of Austin, TX {HOOK EM}. They offer a nice selection of stylish training shoes, boots and sandals for toddlers while promoting proper gait when they’re learning to walk, run, dance and skip! The Mooshu’s are pretty unique, too, with a {removable!} squeaker built into the heel of each shoe, allowing the new walker to hear when he’s walking properly {and not on his tip toes}. 

Mooshu Trainers’ website categorizes the styles by gender {boys or girls}, and then again by color once you decide on the style. The styles are fun and whimsy and can be worn in any situation — at the park, around the house or at the grocery store. I chose the Bowler Boys Toddler Squeaky Shoes {in blue & black} since they’ll likely match most of his wardrobe for the upcoming seasons. Because the company puts such an emphasis on proper fit for each child, you’ll need to measure both feet and follow their sizing guide. {Which, by theway, is super cute and breaks it down by saying the “This Little Piggy” nursery rhyme}.

Holden + New Mooshu Trainers
Holden was ready to put on his new kicks after he heard them squeak!

When I received the package in the mail, I was anxious to see how they’d fit Holden’s feet… his are fairly chubby on top and quite wide; I usually struggle getting shoes on his feet. I didn’t have much time to inspect the shoes before they grabbed the attention of Holden and our dog with the sound of the squeaker. Holden smiled and handed one of the shoes to me to put on his feet. The outside of the shoe is made of a soft leather that provides the flexibility to move with his feet while feeling sturdy and durable. The rubber soles have a nice chevron-like texture on the bottom that allows for a nice grip on the floor beneath.

The shoes truly slipped onto his feet so easily, we didn’t have our usual wrestling match to get them on before he unbuckles the other shoe. Once they were on, he stood up and off he went. And I knew exactly where he was going as the squeakiness was amplified by the tall ceilings in our house. For a while he walked in circles because he was loving the squeaky sound he made with each step. He even wore them on our trip to the farm and showed his cousins his cool new kicks! The best part about the shoe’s squeaker is that when you’re in a more quiet environment you can replace the it with a silent insert and no one is disrupted.

Even Macy was checking out the Bowlers
Ready to take on the farm!


I can honestly say I became a big fan of the Mooshu Trainers brand after a few minutes of watching Holden walk with confidence and a smile on his face. He seemed to balance better with the support provided in the shoes; He had been wobbly the last week or so. When the the shoes were on, he only fell when he tried walking too fast for his little legs. 


Thank you, Mooshu Trainers, for providing the non-squeaky inserts for each pair of shoes. Having this option, depending on the environment {or mood} you’re in, is appreciated by parents everywhere.


I’ve been browsing their website a bit more to see where I can find Mooshu Trainers locally and to decide on what style I want to get him in the next size up. I know I will be making Holden’s next shoe purchase from Mooshu Trainers and by signing up for their emails, you can get a coupon code for 10 percent off of your next purchase with them, too!

But what’s even better than 10 percent off? A FREE pair of shoes, of course! We’re so excited that Mooshu Trainers has partnered with DMB for a great giveaway — now YOU have the opportunity to bring home a pair of Mooshu Trainers to your little one! 


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Want to learn more about Mooshu Trainers? Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 10 percent off your next purchase with them. Let us know which style is your favorite by commenting below as well as on our Instagram & Facebook posts, too!

Off he goes!

Love what you read here? You don’t have to take my word for it, Mooshu Trainers is offering a FREE pair of shoes to one of our lucky readers!

And don’t forget everyone can get a 10% off coupon code to use on their first purchase by signing up for the Mooshu Trainers newsletter.



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