Spice it Up While Cooped Up: 9 Creative at-Home Dates

Most of us are spending A TON of time together right now in our homes with our spouses or significant others. Staying at home during this pandemic has changed the daily routine. By the time the day is over, I’m exhausted. How do we focus our time so that we are still being intentional about our relationships? Before all of this went down, my husband and I would simply call up Grandma or the sitter and get away for a few to recenter. Unfortunately, due to social distancing, our usual date night is put on hold. Cue the at-home dates!

I’m here to offer up a few ideas to designate time with your spouse that is free of the work-from-home stress, the kids, and the world.

Option 1: Join a Watch Party

Many musicians are out of work right now and are hosting watch parties. It’s just like going to the bar where you put in your request, except instead of walking up with your song request written on a napkin and a few bucks in hand, you can Venmo or Paypal it to them! This can help ease some of their financial burden during this time, and also boost your spirits with music. Plus, you can even do this at-home date in your pajamas!

Option 2: Enjoy the Outdoors

We may be cooped up at home, but spring is here and we might as well enjoy it! Take a walk, sit on the patio, it doesn’t really matter– just get outside together. It will refresh you and give you a bit of a reset. If you have older children, now is the time to utilize their babysitting skills for a brisk 30 minutes and get outside for your at-home date. Hold hands, take a few minutes away from your kids, and just walk and breathe.

Option 3: Have a Couple’s Photo Shoot

Get a camera in the hands of a little one and host a photo shoot of just you and your spouse! I don’t know about you, but my kids are always the center of attention. Other than professional photos or photo booth prints from last summer’s weddings, I don’t have many recent pictures of my husband and I. Dress up or dress down. Either way, get some pictures of the two of you together, your kids will love to see them one day!

Option 4: Plan Your Next Trip (Even if it is just for fun!)

Looking ahead to the future offers hope. Things are feeling extremely uncertain right now. Travel plans have been kiboshed and put on hold. However, there is going to come a time when this pandemic is over, and we will be back in action. You and your spouse will definitely need and deserve some time away. Plan a weekend away or a full blown vacation just for fun!

Option 5: Dinner or Dessert for TWO (NOT ALL)

This one can be hard because dinner time is such a vital time of day when you have kids. What I’m suggesting here is to make your normal “kid food” style dinner and eat with them if need be. Then, when all is quiet at your house whether that means normal bedtime or 10 p.m. and beyond, enjoy a little bite together. Put candles on the table. Jazz it up. Pour intention into this at-home date, it is sure to boost your spirits!

Option 6: Clean and Spice Up Your Bedroom

Get the kid toys OUT! Remove the clothes that have piled up on the dressers. Return your bedroom back into the oasis that it was before all of this hit the fan. Make the bed, dig through the drawers (some may have to dig deeper than others) and find the lovely underwear instead of the practical. Pull the cologne out of hiding and put it on your husband’s side of the bathroom vanity. Do whatever it is you do to keep it spicy and intentionally carve out time together. ALONE. Without kids. In your bedroom. On your bed. Put your phones AWAY. Turn OFF the TV. I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down!

Option 7: Write Love Letters and Read Them Out Loud to Each Other

It’s probably been a minute since you’ve written and or read anything that you wrote to your spouse. It may have even been at your wedding the last time you purposefully sat down and wrote down your adoration for your person. Do it. Read it out loud to them. It may feel awkward, but I promise you, it’ll bring you closer.

Option 8: Take a View Down Memory Lane

Bust out those photo albums. Pull out the video that you overpaid for that captured your wedding. Revisit your special day together. For better or for worse, this is such a fun thing to do while you’re trapped at home!

Option 9: Do Anything

This option is brief and to the point. Do something, anything that makes you feel closer to your person. Something that can shift the focus from reality to romance. Support each other, love each other, and hang in there. This too shall pass!

Have more fun ideas for at-home dates? Share your ideas to spice it up while cooped up!



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