Star Wars Day: 9 Activities Guaranteed to Keep the Force Strong in Your Family

May the 4th be with you all–it’s Star Wars Day! Though, you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to celebrate . . . it’s just another excuse to have some themed fun with your kids!

In our household however, the Star Wars fandom runs deep. It started for me back when I was a kid and my dad tried getting us to watch the movies with him. One afternoon we had nothing to watch on TV so we pulled out the VHS tape (yup, VHS) of A New Hope and decided to see what he was going on about. We were very skeptical . . . but also very bored with nothing else to do.

The. Movie. Was. Awesome! We loved it so much that right afterwards, we watched the next two movies. And so, young new Jedis were born in my siblings and I. For us, the Star Wars legacy was a way to bond and have fun together as we grew up, and it brings so many fun memories.

My little Jedi’s and Han Solo, Frozen in Carbonite, at Star Wars Day at Sea onboard Disney Cruise Line.

The Force Is Strong in My Family

When I had kids, the Walt Disney company took over the franchise (the dream partnership in my opinion). Being a Disney- and Star Wars-loving mama, I wanted to create those same fun memories for my little Jedis. My family and I have been on Star Wars-themed Disney Cruises, to Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World, love dressing up as Star Wars characters for Halloween, and have thrown our kids Star Wars-themed birthday parties. The new Galactic Starcruiser hotel that just opened in Walt Disney World is on a major bucket list. I’m proud to say that the Force is strong in my family.

But here’s the real kicker: being that my kids were much younger when we first started doing all these fun activities, I felt the movies were too mature for them. So, they’ve never actually watched the real ones. How did I get them to love the franchise and understand the plot without showing them the actual movies? Well, it’s one of the kid-friendly activities I’m about to share!

Read on for that and other fun Star Wars Day activities to do together today as a family, and May the 4th be with you all!

Watch the Kid-Friendly Movie Versions

Yup, there’s a kid-friendly version! And it’s on Disney+, called the Lego Star Wars: Droids Tales. They’re a series of episodes that retells the entire Star Wars story from the beginning of the franchise with Luke Skywalker to the most recent with Rey and Kylo Ren. They’re very kid-friendly and retold from the point of view of C3-PO and R2D2. And heads up—they’re hilarious and fun for everyone! I love watching them with my kids!

Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon with the Real Movies

Now that my kids are a little older I think it’s time to introduce them at least to A New Hope—the one that started the entire franchise so many moons ago. This is what we’ll be watching for family movie night this week!

Make Some Star Wars Treats

Bake some Baby Yoda (or Grogu) sugar cookies. Make Blue Milk from Galaxy’s Edge—there are tons of easy recipes online. The galaxy’s the limit when it comes to yummy Star Wars snack ideas. Most of them can be made using supplies and ingredients you already have on hand. (Tip: if you cut the head off of an angel cookie using an angel cookie cutter you probably already own, you have Baby Yoda’s head!)

Make a Droid Craft Project

This is a fun one because droids come in all shapes and sizes! You can use whatever craft supplies you have on hand, as well as any recycled boxes (Amazon boxes, etc.) to do this. Be creative! The sky—or galaxy—is the limit here!

Make a Lightsaber Out of Bubble Wands

Take a long, brightly colored bubble wand—green, blue, or red work great here to look like real lightsabers. Wrap a wide piece of duct tape around the handle. Draw a large circle on the piece of duct tape. Voila—lightsaber!

. . . Then Take Your Bubble Wands Outside

Good thing it’s MAY the 4th and the weather here in Michigan finally allows for this. Take those newly built lightsabers outside and have some fun. Have a Jedi vs. Dark Side contest to see who can blow the most bubbles!

. . . While Wearing a Star Wars Costume

Have a Star Wars costume party! Wrap two hair buns around your head like Princess Leia, or wear a brown shirt or robe like a Jedi Knight. Wear a black shirt like Darth Vader, black mask like Kylo Ren, or three small buns in the back of the hair like Rey. Pop on an orange jacket like Poe Dameron, or gold or yellow shirt like C3-PO. If you want the real-deal options, Amazon and Party City have a ton, which is where I get ours from. There are so many fun and creative options to choose from. My family and I love all the Star Wars costume options because it’s so much fun to get into character!

I found all these Star Wars costumes on Amazon!

Scour Metro Detroit for Local Activities

There are usually tons of events happening around Metro Detroit for Star Wars Day—both virtual now and in-person. The age ranges vary for who they cater to, but it’s definitely possible to find some family-friendly ones!

Plan Your Next Trip to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you have a vacation looming ahead—especially when it’s Star Wars-related. Pull up the Disney website to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland and start planning your trip to Planet Batuu aka Galaxy’s Edge (located at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and inside of Disneyland). Let the whole family help you with this one as it’s super exciting, and there’s fun for all ages available. Here’s a tip: Disney vacations can be booked up to 500 days in advance, so it’s definitely possible to plan that trip to a galaxy far, far, away for the distant future.

After spending Star Wars Day making so many fun memories together, the Force is guaranteed to be strong in your family. Master Yoda would be so proud of all your efforts.

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