Staycation in Detroit: Become a Tourist in Your Own City

A staycation in Detroit starts with packing a bag and getting excited that you get to see your city in a new light. There’s a lot of fun to be had when you become a tourist in a city like Detroit!

Click HERE for the video of our staycation in Detroit!

I made a note in my Notes app as to the places I wanted to go. This time, I knew that my daughter and I had to grab snacks and treats first because hotels don’t have room service and many don’t have restaurants open just yet.

staycation in detroit

So we started our adventure at Good Cakes and Bakes and I grabbed a latte at Narrow Way Cafe. Both are some of Detroit’s best-kept secrets. (Free parking for now.)

Then the fun happened and our staycation began!

We headed to the Detroit Historical Museum. This is such an underrated place, but yet such a profound place to visit. How can so many people say they’re Detroit-made and have never set foot in this museum?

Next, it was time for check-in and I needed to make sure my daughter had a little nap, because the real fun would soon start.

We stayed at The Fort Shelby which is actually a historical building. I only stay here when staying at a hotel in Detroit. It’s in a perfect spot that’s very walkable to the surrounding downtown area. (Parking is either street, valet, or self-park — all cost but they vary.)

Then we headed to Valade Park for three hours of ultimate cold fun. We went sledding, played life-sized Connect Four, watched people make ice sculptures, and enjoyed s’mores. The total cost of this fun was $15 because I also grabbed a cocktail with the s’mores kit.

Feeling hungry? There are so many delicious spots but we were wiped out from the sledding so we ordered from Jose’s Tacos in Eastern Market and it was delicious. Many restaurants have igloo, tent or limited indoor dining for you to enjoy.

Then, we headed back to our room.

If you wake up and need some coffee and a quick breakfast don’t forget to head to The Congregation for an amazing ending to your staycation. The Congregation is a coffee shop with a liquor license. They have a designated area for kids to play and my daughter loves it there.

What’s better than a hot cup of coffee, delicious food, often great playlists, and fully entertained children?

I know that we are in unprecedented times, but getting out of the house into a hotel is a really safe experience right now. I’ve traveled during the pandemic and love how safe the Hilton companies are. Hope you can enjoy a staycation in Detroit soon it’s such an experience.

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