7 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week


Great teachers educate, innovate, support, and encourage their students to explore their own minds.  They touch the lives of millions of children every day and the impact they have extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. My son has encountered such wonderful teachers in his ten-year-old life. I don’t think we can ever do too much to show our appreciation for these real-life Superheroes!

May 1-5 is Teacher Appreciation Week and I’ve compiled a list of ideas for gifts and ways we can show our appreciation for the teachers who are making a difference in our children’s lives.

SWEET TREATS – Being a baker, my go-to is almost always sweet treats. Sundae cupcakes with a nice little tag are a sure hit. A tin of cookies or a travel mug filled with a favorite candy also makes nice gifts.

STOCK THE FRIDGE –  in the teacher’s lounge. This is a terrific group activity and would benefit the entire staff. Get together with a bunch of other parents and load the fridge up with bottled waters, yogurts, fruit, veggie tray, string cheese, even boiled eggs. Anything that can be a quick grab-n-go snack. 

GIFT CARDS! – Whether it’s an Amazon card, coffee card, ice cream/frozen yogurt card, movie card, or a card to their favorite restaurant, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.  Gift cards for lunch places near the school are especially handy! One year we gave my son’s teacher a gift card for The Mall at Partridge Creek, that way she had plenty of choices on how to spend it.

THEMED GIFTS – These are so much fun! For instance, a Movie Night theme might include a popcorn tub filled with microwave popcorn packs, candy, and a gift card to either a theater or RedBox. Or a Pampering Basket loaded up with bath salts, a loofah, maybe a candle, mud mask, one of those inflatable bath pillows, a bottle of lotion. A gardening theme is easy, toss a couple packs of seeds, some gardening gloves, maybe a little shovel, and garden markers into a flower pot or watering can and you’re all set. Another favorite of mine is a beach theme! 

Grab a cute beach bag and pack it with a rolled up beach towel, sunscreen, a book or magazine, flip flops, sunglasses and anything else you can think of, maybe a personal fan? One last theme idea: Teachers Survival Kit. Pack it like a tool box or tackle box furnished with pencils, sticky notes, red pens, Sharpie markers, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, Tylenol, ear buds, band-aids, lotion, a pack of Thank You cards, personal size tissue packs, CHOCOLATE, and a piece of bubble wrap, ya know, to relieve tension 🙂


FLOWERS – I haven’t met a teacher yet who didn’t like flowers. In a vase or potted, flowers are always so lovely. These pretty DIY faux flowers (more below!) will brighten her day every day of the year!



HOMEMADE CRAFTS/CARDS – Knowing that you and your little one took the time to create something from home will warm her heart. Haul out the construction paper, crayons, glue, markers, scissors, GLITTER!!! And have a ball.  Pinterest has loads of terrific ideas for any age. We made coffee filter flowers for a very special teacher a few years ago. They are so pretty, and easy!

SEND FOOD –  Teachers are often so busy they skip meals. We can help with that! A basket of muffins, lunch delivery, perhaps a deli tray (another great group idea).

There are so many ways to show we care. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, let’s support those who are. How will you be showing your appreciation?


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