The DMB’s of Jessica Maurer

JessicaMaurer1Hi! I’m Jessica and I am super excited to become part of the great team at DMB!

{Down with Detroit}

I LOVE living in Michigan and everything that comes with it from the freezing snow to the gorgeous lakes. I was born in Redford, grew up in Livonia and now I live in West Bloomfield. Although I love to travel I have never wanted to move away from our great state and now that we have kids we are so blessed to have family close by and to be able to share places and memories from our childhoods with them. I have my bachelor’s degree from CMU and that is also where I met my wonderful husband. We spend a lot of time Up North, particularly in Traverse City.


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{My Life}

My husband Jeremy grew up in Frankenmuth (yes, people actually live there!), we met at Central and had a lot of mutual friends but didn’t start dating until after we had both graduated – although I knew I would marry him on our first date. I worked in advertising for almost a decade with a very prominent client and got to experience a lot of cool things and lots of Detroit events but I’m currently a full time stay at home mommy to my 2 beautiful children. I’m sure everyone knows what a misnomer is – we hardly ever stay home! With my daughter in full day kindergarten and my son in full toddler mode we are always on the move between the gym, music & swim classes, the library and our great MOPS group. When my daughter was born 6 years ago I started taking a greater interest in the foods we were feeding her and that has slowly snowballed over the years to my commitment to making my entire family’s lives as natural and organic as possible, some may think I border on extreme but it is something I am passionate about and I strive for balance. I have always loved taking pictures but I am horribly uneducated on how to actually use my camera, I hope to change that this year and take it off auto!

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{Babies and Beyond}

My beautiful daughter Anna will turn 6 next month. She is extremely strong willed and already quite a handful, I’m worried now for the teen years to come! She is also such a happy girl and very outgoing – she makes friends everywhere we go. It is a much longer story, but due to ectopic pregnancy complications both before and after being pregnant with my daughter we had to resort to in-vetro fertilization to conceive our son. Henry turned 2 in February and he is such a light in my life, with Anna away at school all day we have really had fun hanging out together this past year and he is the sweetest little boy. Anna is totally a girly girl so it is fun to watch the way Henry learns and interacts with the world, he is all trains, cars and balls right now! Both of my kids love each other so much and (so far) there has never been an issue with sibling rivalry, I hope they always stay the best of friends.



  1. Welcome to DMB Jessica! Cute kiddos! I live in Livonia, you’ll have to let me know some of your favorite restaurants, etc. from your childhood!


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