Thirty {FREE} Ways to Show Thanks

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! It is almost time for turkey naps, all day football, and #thankful to be trending on all versions of social media. I have so much to be thankful for. I have an amazing husband of almost nine years who is truly my best friend, and the calm to my storm. I have a sweet little fur baby whose snuggles get me through the toughest times. I have our little miracle baby who brings so much joy to my life. Plus I have amazing parents, friends, and co-workers, not to mention a job a love and a roof over my head. I am so thankful for every thing I have, big and small!

With the season of thanks top of mind, I want to do something different this year. I want to spread my thankfulness to others, and get my son involved so he can see the value of showing support for others. This November I will be doing 30 random acts of kindness. Most are simple, almost all are free (minus a few quarters), but the impact they can make is huge. 

  1. Write a “just because” thank you note to your child’s teacher or caregiver 
  2. Volunteer to serve a meal at a local food bank
  3. Help another mom that you see with her hands full: push her cart, hand her something that was dropped, or just tell her she is amazing!
  4. Bring in treats to your local fire or police station 
  5. Put change in the vending machine to buy a snack for the next person
  6. Have your child help sort through old toys, and donate to a shelter or donation center
  7. Leave a sticky-note with positive messages on a mirror in a public restroom
  8. Work with your children to create get well cards for children in a local hospital 
  9. Put a note or joke in your child or spouses lunch 
  10. Text someone in your life just to tell them how much they mean to you
  11. Offer to take a photo of people you see trying to take one of themselves 
  12. For an entire day, post and comment only positive things on all social media
  13. Get up early and bring your family breakfast in bed
  14. Make two lunches for the day, and give one away 
  15. Compliment a stranger 
  16. Sign-up to be an organ donor or donate blood
  17. Strike up a conversation with someone standing or eating alone 
  18. Email a former teacher or mentor to share the impact they made on you 
  19. Volunteer to play games with the residents at a local senior center 
  20. Find the self-help section at a library or book store and leave positive notes in a few books
  21. When you receive great service, take the extra minute to tell the manager what a great job they did 
  22. Donate an old item of clothing for every new one you purchase 
  23. Help out your neighbor: Bring in their trash can, rake their leaves or shovel their sidewalk
  24. Make a CD or playlist of memorable songs and send it to an old friend 
  25. Put a quarter in an expired meter 
  26. Make it a point to introduce yourself to someone you see often but haven’t formally met 
  27. Invite a friend over for dinner that you know will be dining alone
  28. Write positive messages in chalk on the sidewalk
  29. Be supportive to a friend trying to reach a goal. Ask how it’s going, and how you can help
  30. Smile at everyone you see

Will you join me for the challenge of sharing what you are thankful for? What is your favorite way to give back? I challenge you to pick at least a couple from this list this Thanksgiving season!


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