Top 9 Reasons Why You Need A Cranbrook Membership

It only took ONE visit for my family to fall in love with Cranbrook Institute of Science. I could think of countless reasons why everyone I know should be a member (they’re running 20% OFF memberships with code DMB20!), but here’s my top nine reasons why your family needs a Cranbrook membership…


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9. Toddler Friendly

We started going to Cranbrook when my son was three. We loved the size of the museum and the layout was amazing. It’s easily done in an afternoon or stretched into a day, with wide open spaces great for toddlers and even new walkers. There are stools throughout available for kids to use so they can reach/see activities. How thoughtful is that?! Plus, there is something about toddlers and open spaces that make me overly happy. They make me think freedom, adventure and a depletion of that insane amount of energy they have built up!

8. Hands-on Stations

There are multiple hands-on stations where kids can simply see a simple physics demonstration or 


build their own mineral.


7. Winter Escape

Cranbrook is an awesome retreat on frigid winter days or rainy Spring days. There are so many things to do indoors, and there are often special events or programs for families. On a sunny day, we pack our boots and hike the nature trails. For most of us Cabin Fever starts to set in and we’re itching to get our littles out. It’s an added bonus if I can escape to a place where they can learn and I can breathe a little easier. Parents need there time too. Right?!


The grounds are ever-changing through the seasons and offer so much to explore! 


6. Budget-friendly Cafe

If you’re anything like me getting kids out the door can feel like a second or third job. Knowing Cranbrook has a cafe takes the stress right out of packing the perfect lunch. Don’t get me wrong, we love packing a picnic lunch but having options for those crazy days makes a huge difference. Most of the time we grab food at the museum cafe. I can’t get over the reasonable prices and healthy options! Hummus and veggies, salads, hard boiled eggs, fruit, cheese sticks and fresh sandwiches and baked goods. 

5. Birthday Parties

Ready to think outside the box when planning your next birthday party? Cranbrook is ready to plan an exciting and unique party just for your little. There’s nothing like attending your child’s birthday party stress free because Cranbrook took care of everything. I think that sounds like a phenomenal and extremely enjoyable day! 


My son’s dino-themed birthday party involved programming with museum staff


and a dig! Kids pretended they were paleontologists and used trowels and shovels to excavate bones.


Every kid had an amazing time and the parents had a great time too! Plus, all your guests have FREE museum admission for the day after the party. Bonus! 

4. Open Late

We LOVE the museum is open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays! If my little guy has a long or late nap, we head there after dinner. We spend an hour exploring his favorite spots. On clear nights the observatory is open! You can climb up the steps and view planets. A year ago my son viewed Saturn through the telescope and he still talks about seeing the planet’s rings. We also enjoy the museum as a date night. We take our time with the exhibits and read the signs. We’ve also attended a few After Darks, special events for adults 21+, that offer special programming, lectures, food, craft drinks, and shopping.

3. Planetarium Shows

There are multiple times offered daily – even a Sesame Street show for little kids –  and the shows are in a 360-degree theater with surround sound. We’ve learned about the Michigan sky, seasons, and enjoyed special holiday shows. 

2. Special Exhibits

Every few months, a new exhibit takes over Cranbrook. We thoroughly enjoyed the Rainforest Maze, but we are over the moon with the latest exhibit – Megaladon! Our whole family is fascinated by sharks and this exhibit of the largest shark that ever lived is not to miss. This exhibit leaves on January 3rd so don’t delay! But don’t worry on February 3, 2017 we say hello to the Tutankhamun Exhibit. 


1. Membership Benefits

Not only does a membership pay for itself within a couple visits, it’s valid at over 300 science museums nationwide! We can use our membership at Air Zoo when we visit my parents in Kalamazoo or at Grand Rapids Public Museum when we visit my brother’s family. Plus any weekend we head to Ann Arbor, we have access to Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

To us, our membership is worth its weight in gold. Our son has been exposed to so many things in the world of


science and we’ve attended so many programs throughout the year as a family. We are thrilled that our membership is growing with us. First, we would spend an hour or two on his favorite spots. Now we spend the day at the museum and often are the last to leave. Next year he’ll be eligible for summer camp!

Looking for the same experiences, grab your membership at 20% OFF here. Be sure to use code DMB20. It’s eligible on all levels!

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