Where to Find Thanksgiving Pies In + Around Detroit


There’s no other dessert synonymous with the Thanksgiving holiday than pie. It’s quintessential. I don’t know about you, but I wait for that after-dinner-pie just as much as I wait for that during-dinner-turkey. I live for that cozy moment of relaxing on the couch with my family post-Thanksgiving dinner, coffee in one hand, and a slice of delicious pie in the other.

It doesn’t matter if that pie was homemade or store-bought. Although my personal philosophy is that there’s already enough to do for that super busy Thanksgiving meal prep, so leave the pie to the professionals. They’re happy to do it, and quite frankly, it’ll probably be more delicious since this is their job.

This opinion comes from years of experience trying to perfect a homemade pie crust. Besides the mess, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Nope, for Thanksgiving—the pie holiday—I’d much prefer to run out to a local bakery and purchase a perfect pie that I know my family will love.

No matter your favorite pie flavor, if you’re wondering where to find Thanksgiving pies in + around Detroit, here are 13 businesses offering delicious pies for Thanksgiving guaranteed to make you come back for second helpings!

Where to find Thanksgiving pies in + around Detroit:

Achatz Handmade Pies | Beverly Hills

A Michigan bakery favorite for many years. With multiple locations and sold at multiple retailers now, it’s easy to locate these delicious handmade pies! They offer classic as well as modern twists on classic pies. For Thanksgiving orders, they require 48 hours advance notice.

Cold Truth Soft Serve | Detroit

We’ve heard of ice cream cake, but have you ever heard of an ice cream pie? Cold Truth serves an interesting yummy vegan take on a classic Thanksgiving pie with their Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie with Candied Pecans. The other pie flavor of the month (and the one this chocoholic would order personally) is their Vegan Mexican Cocoa Pie with Toasted Coconut and Dark Chocolate.

For the Love of Sugar | Detroit

My family loves pretty much everything that For the Love of Sugar serves, and their pies are no exception! A modernly whimsical bakery serving both classic and fun flavors, they require pre-orders on Thanksgiving pies and desserts. Pre-orders are available for pick-up on November 22nd-24th. Flavors include pumpkin, double crust apple, oreo cheesecake, as well mini blueberry and pumpkin pies in a set of Thanksgiving dinner cookies that actually looks like real Thanksgiving dinner, which I know my kids would adore!

Grand Traverse Pie Company | Plymouth

While we no longer have to drive all the way to the Grand Traverse Bay for these delicious pies, as they now have locations in metro Detroit, you can be sure their delicious pie recipes are made just as good as when they first opened in 1996. One unique feature of this bakery is their apple pies are made with apples grown in Michigan, and their apple, pumpkin, and pecan varieties are fall favorites. They encourage pre-orders and can ship to your home as well!

Great Lakes Pot Pies | Clawson

Featured on many local news outlets for their delicious savory pies, they offer pot pies in tons of different flavors—from chicken, beef, vegan, vegetarian, and even Thanksgiving in either a pot pie or hand pie form. They also offer Gluten-Free pies as well as vegan options! Their desserts include cookies, pie chips, and classic fall pie flavors such as apple and chocolate pecan.

Joy! Cakes | Detroit

Found inside of Royal Fresh Market, Joy! cakes are the most delicious pound cakes that come in a variety of flavors. Sweet potato is their signature flavor, but you should also try the peach pecan! If pie isn’t what you’re looking for, be sure to check out their muffin cakes and regular cakes.

Kate’s Kitchen | Flat Rock

A family-owned restaurant, they specialize in homemade fruit, cream, and dessert pies, and biscuits. An interesting option here is that you can purchase your pie well in advance of Thanksgiving (which they suggest you do) and thaw when you need it. This makes for great meal-prep and planning, and they especially suggest purchasing the Pumpkin Pie in advance, as they do anticipate it selling out quickly!

Mannino’s Bakery | Sterling Heights

An Italian bakery specializing in so much more than just pies. Their pumpkin pie looks absolutely perfect!

Milano Bakery & Cafe | Detroit

Milano has been open since 1975. Check out their cake offerings–sure to sweeten up your Thanksgiving celebration. The caramel cake with pecans would be delicious!

Miller’s Orchard Market | Sterling Heights

Baked fresh daily, they have TONS of pie options to choose from! Everything from classic pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato, to rhubarb, mincemeat, and key lime. They also have lots of sugar free options, and a sheet pie (sheet pan size) option available as well! They require 24 hours advance notice for all pie orders.

Sister Pie | Detroit

Offering modern flavors on classic Thanksgiving pies such as Apple Butter Custard and Spiced Chocolate Pecan, Sister Pie does highly encourage pre-orders to guarantee a pie, which are to be picked up on Wednesday, November 23rd. After pre-orders are filled, all other pie orders are first come, first serve.

So Delish | Livonia

Offering tons of pie options, including sheet pies perfect for large family gatherings! They require a few days advance notice prior to Thanksgiving. Their pumpkin ¼-sheet pie which serves 15 people is definitely high on my Thanksgiving pie list!

Sweet Potato Sensations | Detroit

Following a Thanksgiving dessert compromise between a husband and wife, this family owned bakery came to fruition in 1976 after the owner created sweet potato cookies for her husband on Thanksgiving Day! Today they serve tons of sweet potato dessert options—including multiple unique variations on the classic Sweet Potato Pie guaranteed to satisfy any sweet potato lover like the original owners. The one speaking to me personally is the Sweet Potato Coconut Pie!

Looking for a business to support for Thanksgiving? Check out our list of businesses offering Thanksgiving to-go in + around Detroit!


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