Your Guide to a Night Out in Corktown!

It’s not every day that you can encounter authentic cobblestone streets. Yet, Detroiters have this rarity available just west of downtown on the edge of the Detroit River. CORKTOWN: the oldest neighborhood in Detroit!

Named after the Irish immigrants of the 1800s and still holds the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities. This beautiful pocket of Detroit is a perfect place for a date night or a family outing.

The landmark of Corktown is the Michigan Central Train Station. This epically stunning building is a staple to the city of Detroit. Trains haven’t run through this building since the 1980s. However, the structure has stood the test of time and is ready to reopen this June. With plans for food and retail shops as well as corporate offices, this building is a must on your “to-visit” list come summertime.

Corktown Food + Drink

Situated just in front of the train station is Cork and Gabel, a restaurant with a unique blend of Irish, German, and Italian meals. The indoor space is great for large or small groups (some tables are communal). The menu variety makes this place appealing to many.

Drink-wise, I recommend the Interstate 75 for those that love fruity-bubbly drinks or the Manhattan for dark-liquor lovers. Food wise, do not pass on the Dip Trio; I was obsessed with the sun-dried tomato portion (and a word of advice–just ask for double bread from the start). The Mushroom Ravioli was a delight and is covered in cooked veggies. This dish is a perfect blend of pasta and freshness!

Post-dinner, take a short walk next door to Two James Spirits, the first licensed distillery in Detroit post-prohibition. This tiny gem off Michigan Avenue has a view of the train station through the top window. The walls are full of local artists’ work for sale, and the circle bar provides many seats to belly-up.

A flight is the way to go at this space if you are a “neat” lover. If that isn’t for you, I recommend the Negroni.

A view of the train station from the bar at Two James in Corktown.

A Corktown Bonus Spot

If you have one more spot to visit in you at this point, head past the train station to The Sugar House. With over one hundred drink options, everyone in your party is bound to find multiple drinks to fit their tastes. But if you find the menu to be overwhelming, the bartenders are ready and willing to pinpoint a drink that fits your preferences!

I went with a specialty holiday drink called I Can’t Believe it’s Not Bath Water (floral flavors with gin). My husband enjoyed the Suffering Bastard (bourbon, gin, lime, and ginger). The ambiance of this space is very dark in a romantic way–perfect for a date spot or a girls night out!

Venturing Corktown With Family

Walk about the streets, explore the cobblestone, visit the wall art. The simplest and cheapest form of entertainment.

Bobcat Bonnie’s is a perfect space for your family to dine in Corktown. The mimosa bar for mom and dad plus delicious food for the babes make it a prime spot for a weekend brunch!

The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade should be a must on your family’s bucket list, too. Since the first parade in 1958, Detroiters have gathered annually in Corktown to celebrate Irish customs and traditions. The parade always falls the weekend before the actual holiday so be sure to mark your calendars for the opportunity to assemble and celebrate in green unity!

The options in Corktown are endless. If you have yet to venture to this part of the city, I encourage you to make an effort to try one of these recommended places/activities!

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