10 Inspiring Homeschooling Accounts to Follow on Instagram


When looking for inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and resources, you’ll usually find me checking in with my favorite accounts on Instagram. When I decided to homeschool, I knew that it would be important to seek out actual homeschooling families and see what worked and what didn’t. When reaching out to these accounts or engaging with their postings, I always received so much feedback and was really able to utilize the information given. This is the time to explore!

I encourage you to jump on Instagram and follow!


Photo via @themwildwoods on Instagram

Stay at home, homeschooling mom of two. Secular homeschooling family that educates their children on their individual learning types. Montessori, Waldorf, Traditional, and Classical approaches to homeschooling.


Photo via @theintuitivehomeschooler on Instagram

First generation homeschool mom. Her account has so many wonderful resources when it comes to just starting out, figuring out your path, or even staying motivated.


Photo via @intentionalhomeschooling on Instagram

A homeschooler, wife, and mother. Offers a free homeschool vision planner. I love her recommendations for books!


Photo via @letsplayschool on Instagram

Homeschool and motherhood. Offers a Let’s Play School subscription and book club. Check out her highlights for amazing resources.


Photo via @littlepinelearners on Instagram

Offers simple and beautiful ways to learn, play and create with nature. My family spends so much time outside and this account is so beautiful and offers so many fantastic ways to get out into nature during the homeschool day.


Photo via @thevanillatulip on Instagram

Homeschooling mom raising her seven little ones on their farm in Texas. I learned so much from her homeschool highlights!


Photo via @coffeeandspitup on Instagram

Mom of three. Encourages learning though play. This page is BEAUTIFUL. I always get a huge smile scrolling through it because it is so simple and thoughtful!


Photo via @montessorifromtheheart on Instagram

This is a great account for hands-on fun learning! She has beautiful ideas for schooling projects made with items you can usually find right in your home.


Photo via @thesmittyfamgram on Instagram

Another account with great content. Check out her highlights. Make sure you are reading the captions for her photos because you learn so much!


Photo via @juliebravewriter on Instagram

Quite possibly on this list because I fangirl over her words daily. Her book was one of the first I read when we decided to homeschool. She is truly a wealth of information.

These are great resources to explore. Be sure to read captions, explore highlights, watch updated stories, and engage with the accounts! I’ve messaged my favorite accounts and asked questions and been so excited to receive helpful information back!

Of course, please also follow me over at @tangneytribe as we adventure together down this path of homeschooling. Check out Tales From a Homeschool Newbie: How, Why, and What I’m Doing to learn more about our plans.


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