The Perfect Recipe for a Nostalgic Summer

Summertime, oh sweet summertime. While this summer looks drastically different than my family had planned, that doesn’t mean it can’t be our sweetest one yet. With some extra help from Hudsonville Ice Cream, we are finding ways to savor this summer.

This time of year, when the smell of sunscreen fills the air, I am transported back to my childhood summers. When the lightning bugs were our guiding light back home, we played in the water until we turned pruney, and ice cream could be enjoyed at any time of the day. In this fast-paced world, many children don’t get to experience a 1990s summer. The summer of 2020 has extended an invitation for us to take a time out from jam-packed summers and relax at our own homes.

Now, more than ever, I have been reminded that my children don’t need extravagant vacations or trips to crowded amusement parks. My best summer days were filled with sidewalk chalk, kiddie pools, and ice cream cones and those are my favorite memories. So this summer we are slowing down. We are going to make it a 1990s summer and here are a few ingredients to make the most of it.

Kiddie Pool

This is the year of the pool. Whether it’s an underground swimming pool, inflatable pool, or kiddie pool, many families are filling up and splashing around! Full disclosure, we have a standard size swimming pool in our back yard we frequently enjoy, but my preschooler loves his kiddie pool just as much! We fill it up in the morning and head out after lunch and it’s at the perfect temperature. This way, my five-month-old can enjoy a bit of water play with her brother as well. As a family, we head out to the backyard in the evening so everyone can enjoy a swim. Whatever way you choose to float this summer, a pool of some sort will be a sure ticket to a 1990s summer.

Sidewalk Chalk

Is there anything more fun than taking a walk around town and finding sidewalks decorated by tiny hands? All you need is a set of sidewalk chalk and some pavement. I am currently homeschooling my preschooler and I use this time outside with a simple piece of chalk and our driveway to teach him. We are able to go over numbers, letters, and play games such as tic-tac-toe. The options are endless but you can find inspiration here.

Ice Cream on the Front Porch

Since our days seem to be a bit longer during this pandemic I am constantly trying to add ways to make my son’s days a bit brighter. This includes scooping up our favorite flavor of Hudsonville Ice Cream (if you couldn’t gather already, we are huge fans of the classics!) and enjoying a moment together on our front porch.

We wave to neighbors as they pass by and laugh at the mess we are making. There is no hurry to finish. We have all afternoon, and with that, I am reminded of my childhood. There was no rush. We enjoyed the moments because there was no dash to the next obligation. We savored our time, and what better way to be transported to moments like those than to sit with a delicious cone of Hudsonville Ice Cream and enjoy? Use this coupon to beat the heat and enjoy the moment with Hudsonville this summer.

While this summer might include canceled plans or look different than anticipated, I encourage you to take advantage of the slowdown and recreate some of your favorite childhood memories with your children—and you can start by stocking the freezer with Hudsonville Ice Cream. If you’re looking where to find your perfect scoop of ice cream use the Hudsonsville Scoop Locator to find a store nearest to you. Who knows, these may end up being some of their favorite memories, too.

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