3 Common Mistakes Keeping You Stuck In Overwhelm

Ever wonder why you feel like you’re stuck in overwhelm? If your life is feeling like it’s in a continuous overwhelm loop, you’re going to want to read on.

stuck in overwhelm

Saying Yes is Keeping You Stuck in Overwhelm

The first mistake is that you’re saying yes to something before checking your calendar. Make this the year of the fast no, the slow yes (learn more about the art of the fast no and slow yes here). This means regardless if you have your calendar in front of you or not, saying no to something to make sure that it is in alignment with you energetically. This will be the difference in between having consistent weeks of stress or consistent weeks of flow.

Not Writing Stuff Down is Keeping You Stuck in Overwhelm

The second mistake is trying to keep it all in your head. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have said, “Oh, I’ll remember that,” and then about 15-20 minutes later something else shines in my face and I forget. How many times do you get to the end of your day and realize you have things you forgot in the back of your mind and stay up later than you should trying to get it all done?

Make this your new affirmation: “If I write it down I won’t have to remember it.”

Not Asking for Help is Keeping You Stuck in Overwhelm

Mistake number three is not asking for help before you need it. You already know what stresses you out and where you need support each day. Are you waiting until you melt down to start seeking the support you need, or do you power through and say, “I’ll ask next time”?

Whichever method is your poison, not asking for help before you know you’ll need it is exhausting. Create a list of items you can begin to delegate or outsource to take the weight off your plate.

Are you Ready for Change?

Even if you master just one of these, it will change the trajectory in the flow of your life. Share your fave takeaway from this video and what you will begin to implement to create those shifts.


Still feeling stuck in overwhelm? Albiona shares another perspective at how to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


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