My 3 Favorite Go-To Winter Fashion Items

As Detroiters – or better yet, as Detroit Moms – in these cold winter months, how can we keep up with our little ones and look fabulous doing it? What winter fashion choices do we have? We still have an abundance of days of chills and thrills to go, so let’s keep ourselves cute and cozy until that first day of spring feeling comes around!

Here are my three favorite go-to winter fashion items that saved me from looking frumpy and dumpy all winter!

1. The Beanie

This has been part of my daily dress up routine since the weather started going below 50 degrees. Socks… check. Underwear… check. Bra… somedays. Beanie… check! 

My favorite reason for the beanie is because it is versatile. It looks super cute with anything you’re wearing! Top it off with a casual outfit (like jeans and a t-shirt), or dress it up with a dinner outfit (like leather leggings and an off-the-shoulder sweater).   

My secret reason I love it is that it’s great because it covers up dirty hair (eeek, I said it!). Take some dry shampoo to the roots, curl the bottom, and POOF! You’re ready to go! It also works with a stylish bob, too.

It’s also functional. Being a mom, we need things to work for us in so many different ways. The beanie keeps our head nice and warm when the kids are out there having a good old time and we are freezing our butts off! 

There are so many places to get these cute beanies, from high-end to your favorite thrift store. Fashion bonus tip: Just make sure you wash it three or four times! 

2. The Crossbody

The crossbody is the way to go, especially for these cold months. No matter what stage of momhood you are in, this is PERFECT. My boys are way out of the baby stage, but if you have cute little ones that need a stroller, these are the perfect wheels for your baby necessities! Fashion bonus tip: get a matching crossbody and baby bag! I have another fashionable boymom friend who got her crossbody purse from a garage sale and bought a new decorative strap for it. Yes, creative and unique! 

My favorite reason for the crossbody is because it’s small. When you’re out and about, this is light and easy to carry, as opposed to a heavy handbag filled with mom things we don’t need at that moment.

My secret reason for this winter fashion item is that I get to take out my phone in a jiffy. If I carry my big luggage, my mom stuff gets piled in and I can’t find anything. I wouldn’t be able to capture that perfect moment for Detroit Moms!

The last reason is functionality. When our fur-trimmed feet are planted in the snow, maybe with a hot toddy, and the kids are out playing in the snow… what can you keep in the crossbody? A phone, your chapstick, anti-bacterial sanitizer, tissues, and a small wallet. So many items!

3. The Short Puffer Coat 

I am obsessed with the soft, marshmallow-like puffer coat. There are so many options out there for outerwear, but with kids, babies, and family-fun outings, this type of coat is the way to go! I do recall having a couple of these before my days of washing size eight undies. There are all sorts of them from high-end (Moncler) to mid-luxury (Sam Edelman) to very affordable (Target) to almost free and even better for our environment (your local thrift shop). 

My favorite reason for this crop puffer coat is because it is so lightweight. As Detroit Moms, we are blessed with this weather at least until the end of March. Possibly April! Whatever season of motherhood you are in (and hormonal phase, too!), the puffer coat is so easy to take off when you’re sweating underneath all the layers of clothing you already have on.  

My secret reason I love this winter fashion item is because it accentuates my legs. I am a loud and proud five-foot mama. Fashion bonus tip: For all you petite Detroit Moms, the shorter coats will make your legs appear long! Let me type that again: the shorter coats will MAKE your legs APPEAR long. I am still as tall as some fourth graders! 

The last reason is functionality. This short puffer coat is not only super cute, but also so warm when we are outside at the playground, or ice skating, or just standing outside waiting for our little one to run out of school and into our arms.   

To wrap up, my three favorite go-to winter fashion items that saved me from looking frumpy and dumpy all winter are the versatile beanie, the cute crossbody, and the cropped puffer coat. What are your favorite accessories or fashionable pieces that saved you this winter? Share them below, so all of us Detroit Moms can survive the next couple months of this Siberian-like weather!

For more fashion inspiration, check out Alicia’s post where she shares about her six essential items she uses to appear put-together!


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