5 Ways to Kick Your Prosecco Up a Notch

August 13th is National Prosecco Day! Whether your potion of choice is a classic glass of bubbly, or your poison is some summertime sparkling Rosé, we have you covered! Check out this list of five ways to kick your Prosecco up a notch! 

What is Prosecco?

New to the dry, luxurious taste of Prosecco? Welcome, and let us tell you a bit about why we love it! 

Before we can kick your Prosecco up a notch, let’s chat a bit about what is. You’re probably familiar with Champagne – Prosecco is Champagne’s fun, younger sister! While Champagne is French, Prosecco comes from a region of Northern Italy, from a grape called Glera. It’s a sparkling, usually dry, white wine that comes at half the cost of a bottle of champs. Nowadays you can find popular brands in the liquor or groceries stores, and it even comes in Rosé varieties! 

Grab your glasses ladies – reading and drinking! It’s time to kick your newfound cocktail up a notch!

Add a Little Flavor

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If you’re looking to add something new to your glass of fizz, try a mixer or syrup! Popular additions to Prosecco are Aperol or St. Germaine, for a Spritz. Try some Creme de Cassis to create a Kir Royale, or if you’re in the mood for something a little cirtusy, check out this recipe for a French 75You can also try your hand at these all-natural syrups. Just a small amount added to your glass will kick your Prosecco up a notch in the matter of seconds!

Each of these additions still gives you that refreshing, aerated, crisp flavor with a little something extra! Still want to experiment? How about a Prosecco Cocktail Book – yes, that’s a thing! And you can buy it right here to make endless yummy cocktails with your Italian sparkling wine!

Take it To Go 

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While Prosecco is fabulous in any season, it’s a refreshing choice during the summer months. Whether boating up north or simply enjoying an evening on your patio, you’re bound to want a little glass of bubbly, but have you ever noticed those champagne flutes aren’t built to travel? Sparkling wines are specifically meant to be drunk out of a thin glass to prevent the aeration from dissipating too quickly.

So, what’s a mom to do on National Prosecco Day? Grab yourself a set of On-The-Go, insulated, champagne flutes and kick your Prosecco up a notch, on-the-go! 

Save it for Later


Mini bottles and splits are a great way to drink sparkling wines without waste, but have you ever found yourself opening a larger bottle wondering how you’re going to finish it all? Worry no more, mom! Capabunga to the rescue! These stoppers are specifically designed to keep the bubbles in, and the bottle lasting. They have cute and funny designs, and go on and off most bottles with ease. In our testing, a bottle of Prosecco lasted four days! 

Check out these bubbly-specific stoppers on their website and find a design or message that will kick your mood and your Prosseco up a notch!

Give it a Little Color

Take a page from your kids and get out those markers!…but not those Crayolas in the playroom. Chalk markers such a Versachalk are a great way to mark glasses, or decorate flutes for parties, bridal & baby showers, or just for fun! The liquid chalk stays on, but will easily wash off with water. Check packaging for instructions if the stemware you are using isn’t made of glass or crystal, as not all materials are washable. 

If the Prosecco you’re kicking up a notch is a gift, or for a special occasion, try wowing your guests with a little bottle art. Metallic Sharpies are a great addition to a nice bottle of Italian fizzy. You can write a special message, note an important date or event, or simply make it festive! Remember, sharpies or paint pens are usually permanent so make sure you finish your design before your start your drink! 

Get it Infused

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Why hold yourself back with just one glass (…or two) of Prosecco on this National Holiday? Surround yourself with ways to enjoy Prosecco all day long without the ill effects of tomorrow’s hangover! A popular choice of bubble lovers are Prosecco infused candies, chocolates, ice cream, or macarons! For a really special treat, look for cakes and cupcakes infused with Prosecco, or even a donut! 

Check out this list of Detroit Mom’s favorite donut shops in and around Detroit! If something without a hole is more your thing, call up your favorite local bakery to see if they have an infused dessert!

Still looking for something to bring more Prosecco into your life? How about a little DIY with your very own Prosseco Cookbook? Yes, you read that right. A book all about cocktails, cakes, and fun. It’s easy to incorporate more delightful fermented grapes into your life! 

Grab a Girlfriend

These five ways to kick your Prosecco up a notch will add fun and creativity to your cocktail! However, the best way to kick any glass of bubbly up a notch is to grab your best girlfriend! So, call the sitter, find your tribe, get your ice bucket out, and have a happy and safe National Prosseco Day! Cheers!

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