Alicia McKay

Alicia is a crafty and glittery mom, wife, and self-published Christian author in Harper Woods. She is also an educator who is passionate about using informal and non-traditional learning methods. Alicia loves music, cooking, and exploring the latest and greatest pizza joints in Detroit. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @devote52weeks

The Married Date Night

Dates should not be the difference between single people and married couples. There is something fun and whimsical about dating. It says, "Hey you over there! Let's spend some exclusive time together. Let's get...

Date Nights over Play Dates

I unapologetically choose date nights over play dates, and I am not ashamed. Let me begin with the disclaimer. My choice to prioritize hubby play over kiddo play does not make me a better...

A Black History Memory: A Reason to Never Forget

A Memory In elementary school, during Black history month, I completed a second grade journal entry that I will never forget. I was asked to describe what I wanted to be when I grew up....

Managing the Holidays the SMART Way, a Mobile App Guide

Smart technology has seamlessly crept its way into the joy of our holidays. I honestly cannot imagine my holidays without a smart phone, iPad, or tablet, which is crazy because I am actually old...

Making New Friends as an Adult 101: Start Where You Live

The older I get, the deeper I find myself involuntarily in the no-friend zone. Back-to-back mom duties can quickly cram your schedule and leave very little time to even wave at the neighbors as...

Setting Full-Vision Goals for the School Year with my Kids

I remember sitting in a long and unproductive board meeting for a school organization. The board of directors instructed us teachers to create a set of goals for the students to achieve in the...

Bike Riding Without Training Wheels – A Lesson I Did Not Teach

I didn’t teach my daughter to ride her bike without training wheels, but my husband did. He also taught me a lesson: mindset is everything. Sometimes my six-year-old daughter cries at even the thought of...

Introducing Alicia McKay: A Harper Woods Mom

I was born in the 80s. Growing up on the east side of Detroit was a challenging yet rewarding experience. I learned to avoid danger and diffuse conflicts at the same time. I watched...