Jamie Freeman

Jamie is a Michigan girl since birth. Formerly born and raised in Dearborn Heights, MI, Her husband Mark and her live in Chesterfield and have three perfect kiddos. Benny, born in 2013, Ellie, born in 2016, and their youngest Norah, born 2019, are full of giggles and joy! Jamie works full-time from home for a technology company, and Mark is a stay at home dad. After Benny was born, Jamie became an advocate for the Down syndrome community with a fierce passion for caregiver support. She is the President of her 501(c)3 non-profit, The Down Syndrome Diary. This organization sends diaries around the world bringing together families whom have had a baby born with Down syndrome. The diaries are meant to provide support to these families as well as be a resource to new parents just receiving a diagnosis. You can find Jamie's voice all over Detroit Mom, or on her social sites. You can purchase her book, The Down Syndrome Diary, on Amazon with proceeds going towards donations of new copies to new and expecting parents.

The Spectrum of Down Syndrome

“How ‘Down syndrome’ is he?” Yes, I have actually had that question positioned to me on more than one occasion. Today, many years into my relationship with that extra chromosome, it makes me giggle. To...
the friendship circle

A Mom’s Guide to the Friendship Circle

Imagine walking through large glass doors into a solarium-style lobby with a gigantic tree reaching its branches up through the center of three stories. Surrounding this lobby are the names of thousands of people...

Friluftsliv: Tips for Embracing the Detroit Winter | Part 1

Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv): “A natural part of Norwegians' holidays and spare time that is deeply ingrained in the country's heritage. It's about embracing the outdoors, even in winter with its chilly temperatures. Taking time to...

What 7 Years of Down Syndrome Awareness Months Have Taught Me

I still remember it... my first Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I was so full of hope, excitement, joy, and pride. I couldn't wait to post all the facts about Down syndrome, dispel myths, and shout...
friendship circle

Detroit Mom’s Introduction to The Friendship Circle

I’ve toured a lot of facilities developed to support individuals with various disabilities. I assumed Friendship Circle would be similar.   I was wrong. I was immediately awestruck by the amount of thought and love they put...

FREE Digital Harry Potter Escape Room: Quarantine Edition

There is a very curious group of people in this world that find themselves enthralled with the magical world of Harry Potter. If you consider yourself, or your children, a member of this lot…then...

Another New Normal: The Transition from Early Intervention

Expecting mamas daydream about what it will be like to bring their child into this world.  We have these amazing visions of the cooing sounds and the bonding.  Almost as if you can smell...

Metro Detroit Sensory Friendly Fun Guide

Michigan is really stepping up its game when it comes to providing sensory friendly opportunities for families. If your kiddo is like mine and in need of a more sensory friendly experience when it...

Michigan IEP Resource Guide

Most Michiganders think of March through June as the beautiful time of year that the ugly winter makes way for the long-awaited Spring. For mamas of a child with special needs, this is also...

My Four Year Old is Curing Cancer

Children get rashes often. If you are a parent, I guarantee you have seen a few red dots on your child’s skin at one point or another and gave the doctor a call. It’s...