FREE Digital Harry Potter Escape Room: Quarantine Edition

There is a very curious group of people in this world that find themselves enthralled with the magical world of Harry Potter. If you consider yourself, or your children, a member of this lot…then we have the adventure for you! The next best thing to bringing the Triwizard Tournament into your backyard is this digital Harry Potter escape room. Theme up to make it extra fun with some items from Amazon or Target, and make a day of it complete with some additional activities and a movie marathon!

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights.”  —Albus Dumbledore

Keep in mind, this is a quarantine-only activity, so unless you have a Time-Turner handy you better get to it. The library that created it must take it down once the stay at home orders for COVID-19 are no longer in place. Don’t delay in your Harry Potter escape room adventures.

Your best bet is to crowd around a laptop computer for this one, although it technically can be done on a smartphone or tablet. You could also have your kids do it on Zoom with their friends for a Harry Potter Escape Room Party. We may or may not have done this at night, with a few adults, and a few butter beers to go along with the fun.

The content and math are at an elementary school level, but it is fun for everyone!

Ready to play the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room? Click here!

Fun Items for a Theme Day

Other Fun Harry Potter Activities to Try at Home

Don’t miss your chance to enter the world of Harry Potter! Let us know how you did!


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Jamie Freeman
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