Six Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You

If you are a big Star Wars fan like me, then you most likely celebrate Star Wars day: May the fourth be with you, in your own way. Or maybe you’re new to this celebration, partially because of that adorable “Baby Yoda” a.k.a “Grogu.” Either way, “Six ways to celebrate May the fourth in metro Detroit here are.”

Drawing Star Wars Pictures

  1. Binge watch the original Star Wars trilogy or all of the Star Wars movies. A majority of people subscribed to Disney+ during the pandemic, but even if you don’t have Disney+, there are ways to get the movies. You could purchase all the movies from any retailer that carries DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc. Maybe you can check with friends or even your local library. There are a few opinions on what order you should watch the main nine movies, and even the standalone movies; I prefer to watch in theatrical release order, but that is a post for another day!
  2. Check your local city calendar for events for all ages. Some cities or local retailers are hosting an event to commemorate Star Wars Day. The Bakehouse in Shelby Township is offering a socially distanced “cuppie” Star Wars-themed decorating class where you get four cuppies to decorate with registration. At the MacDonald Public Library in New Baltimore they have various May the Fourth Be With You celebrations, including a story time, a meet and greet, and a cooking class. There are plenty of at home or socially distanced events out there to help you enjoy the celebrations.
  3. Crafts, crafts, and more crafts. There are plenty of different crafts available on Pinterest or even at your local library. You could start with some coloring pages and move on to other crafts such as a “Pool Noodle Lightsaber” craft that the Roseville Public Library is hosting. As with most libraries, you will need to have a library card to register. There’s also this fun craft for Star Wars day that the kids can make to set up their own Jedi Temple Challenge.
  4. Have a zoom or socially-distanced party. Dress up as your favorite Star Wars character or wear your favorite Star Wars clothing. You could play the movies in the background while you chat up the friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Use the crafts made from #3 to decorate your house and set up your own Mos Eisley Cantina with plenty of themed appetizers and drinks. Some favorites are lightsaber fruit skewers, string cheese stormtroopers, and for the adults, the Admiral Ack ”bar.” There are so many “punny” food and drink items out there, so for May the fourth, go crazy!
  5. Trivia night. Instead of watching the movies, see what you and your friends know. See if someone is hosting a May the Fourth Be With You trivia night at your favorite pub or even online. Quizzo is a great trivia company who hosts pub trivia in the Metro Detroit area. They also have carry-out quiz games, including a Star Wars pack, so you can host a small group at home or your own cantina.
  6. Star Wars online. The Star Wars website has many other things you could do at home to celebrate Star Wars day. From making blue mando macaroons to making an upcycled Ewok fairy home, there are plenty of cute and fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

There are so many ways to celebrate this fun day, even if you’re just wearing your favorite Star Wars t-shirt to school, work, or even just at home. Enjoy the day and May the fourth be with you.

Want more ideas for Star Wars Day? Check out how Lacey’s family celebrates here.


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