Krystle lives in Grosse Pointe Woods with her two beautiful little girls and an actor/teacher husband. She is a full-time Corporate Marketing Manager for an Engineering firm in Metro Detroit. When she's not working, she's trying to balance motherhood with her simplicity journey. You can follow her journey and family at or on her Instagram at

5 Tips to Prepare for Back-to-School

Wait? Summer is almost over??? I swear it just started! All the back-to-school items are up at stores and commercials are geared towards back-to-school. If your kids are anything like mine, it’s hard to...

How Simplicity Helped Me Through the Pandemic

A few years ago, I ventured into minimalism but made it more about simplicity. I felt like it would help me be a better mom, wife, and worker. It helped me understand what being...
Star Wars day

Six Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You

If you are a big Star Wars fan like me, then you most likely celebrate Star Wars day: May the fourth be with you, in your own way. Or maybe you're new to this...
digital declutter, spring cleaning

Seven Tips for a Spring Cleaning Digital Declutter

Spring cleaning is here and it’s not just about your physical space. Over the last year, we have all probably downloaded a lot of apps, recipes, photos, files, etc. to our digital spaces. It’s...

Virtual Therapy Apps for Mental Health Check-Ins

I’m very sensitive. I’m also introverted. I have a hard time expressing my feelings and tend to hold them in, which I know I shouldn’t, but it’s hard to unlearn old habits. I’m the...

Top Five Workout Apps for Moms

I’ve never really liked the gym. It used to make me super self-conscious and sometimes I never knew if people were really wiping down the equipment. When I became a mom, I completely stopped...

Minimalism as a Working Mom

When I first started talking to people about minimalism, they reacted with hesitation. There was the usual, “Oh, I could never do that!” to the “Are you crazy?”. The issue was that most people...

Organizational Tips for Moms and the Best Planners for Every Budget

With young kids, it can be hard to be and stay organized. While it’s impossible to keep it together all the time, having some plan helps to keep things from falling apart completely. Here...

The End of a Decade: An Introspective on Life and Motherhood

Did you know that Instagram was created in 2010? It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years, a whole decade since one of the most-used apps in our time was created. As the...

A Working Mom’s Guide to Saving Your Sanity

I normally get up at 5 a.m., so I can get a workout my case, a seven-minute workout. Then, I do 10 minutes of meditation, followed by a shower. I am ready to...