My name is Kenisha a millennial boy mom to two boys 9 (Victor) and 3 (Jaxson), an expert adoption social worker trainer for the State of Michigan. I got married to my husband,Matt, when I was 19 😱 we have been been married for 13 years! 🥰 We live in Ypsilanti Twp! By day, you will find me trying to dismantle the disparities of black and brown youth in the child welfare system here in Michigan (and starting to get into the national circuit ) and teach others lessons toward becoming anti-racist. By night, I am crafting and creating with my small calligraphy business Lettering By Kenisha LLC- to help others and make them things to bring them joy! Trying to keep this short , some Keywords that describe me😂 ✨true crime ✨pop culture (raunchy reality TV, Shonda shows, twilight 😂, vampires, boy bands) ✨ scrolling TikTok ✨boy mom ✨working mom ✨activist ✨advocate ✨anxious ✨motivating mamas that we can work out of the home and be good moms and partners if we really focus on work life balance! 💕
support foster children

How to Support Foster Children During National Foster Care Month

The month of May is National Foster Care Month. In the state of Michigan, at any given time, there are 13,000 children recognized to be experiencing foster care; at any given time, there are...
child lighting kinara for Kwanzaa

Celebrating Kwanzaa This Holiday Season

Next week, we are celebrating Kwanzaa! Although I am a mixed race, BIPOC woman, I grew up in a predominately white home and area. I have spent a large part of my adulthood learning...
traverse city

Detroit Mom’s Travel Series: Girls Trip to Traverse City

This past weekend I was able to go on a bachelorette/girls trip to Traverse City, which prompted me to want to share with you all a little "must do" guide to some of the...
Black history

In My Home It’s Black History Every Day – A Guide of Where to...

In our house, Black history is not a month; Black history is EVERY DAY!   I understand that this is not the case in a lot of homes. Especially as we focus during Black History Month,...

A First-Time Celebration of Kwanzaa

This year is a year of journey, and I am always learning. I am always looking for ways that I can expose my children to different cultures, and make a point to teach them...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Kenisha, a Ypsilanti Township Mom

My name is Kenisha and I am a millennial boy mom. I am a full time working mom who loves to take on multiple things that make me happy. Sometimes I think to myself,...
date night in Ann Arbor

Your Guide to a Date Night in Ann Arbor

When you're a working parent, how do you fit in date night with your partner? I am sure many of you, like myself, find it hard to sneak in a date night when you...