Kimberly Wyman

Kimberly Wyman is a global mom of a multicultural family, a social entrepreneur and author and illustrator of children’s books. Her recent release, Grow LOVE, was Amazon’s #1 new release and best seller. Kimberly’s passion is nurturing givers, growers, and gigglers and she helps families to connect, reset, and explore the pillars of being a global citizen. Grab a FREE download of LOVE Notes & Tags over at to spread some LOVE!

10 Ways Adoption Changed the Way I See the World

November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. As an adoptive mom, it’s an extra opportunity for me to talk about the wonder and amazement of adoption. My kids love when I tell them...

Detroit City Street Art: A Passion Project for Today’s World

Passion projects seem to be all the craze. I understand why, too. What better time to adopt a passion project than during the throes of a pandemic? Passion projects connect us to something we...

FREE PRINTABLE: Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Bingo

It's spring, and in honor of Earth Day, let's get outside and have some fun with this Earth Day printable! If it's too chilly to get outside, grab a book and start hunting. Did...

10 Ways to Help Your Child Connect to the World Right Now

What if the coronavirus is here to teach us something? I get it, that sounds insane. At this very moment, it’s practically absurd. But, hear me out. Our world is disconnected. Maybe intentionally because people have some...

Family Meetings: They’re Worth It

About five years ago a therapist recommended that we hold weekly family meetings. The idea is to come together without any pressure, check-in, offer support to one another, and have fun. As a dedicated...

Five Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Add in Valentine's Day activities for the whole family, and I swoon. Before I became a mom, I would sit in my empty dining room and dream of...

Finding Commonality in the Cracks this Holiday

I originally had wanted to write with the intention of sharing about how holidays aren’t easy for all children. For some kids, especially those who have experienced trauma, holidays can be down right dreadful....

A Hat that Nourishes Your Soul: It’s National Make a Hat Day

What a fun excuse to add a hat to your collection! Today is National Make a Hat Day, and with autumn right around the corner, I’m thinking a cute, lightweight beanie sounds perfect. Sadly...

Detroit Art: Your Next Passion Project Inspired

Passion projects seem to be all the craze. I understand why, too. They connect you to something you love and effortlessly ignite a fire in your belly. As moms, we all wear a thousand...

Introducing Kimberly Wyman: A Royal Oak Mom

:: Down with Detroit :: 10 cities! That’s the number of cities I’ve called home in the Detroit area. As I grab a cup of Guatemalan java and reflect, each and every city has made...