A Hat that Nourishes Your Soul: It’s National Make a Hat Day

What a fun excuse to add a hat to your collection! Today is National Make a Hat Day, and with autumn right around the corner, I’m thinking a cute, lightweight beanie sounds perfect. Sadly though, that’s not the type of hat I need most. What I could use most is another proverbial hat to add to the collection of hats I wear daily. I know, with wearing a thousand hats already, is there space for one more? Yes, yes there is. For this hat will be woven with magic yumminess that you need most to continue boldly and bravely wearing all of your other hats. This hat is one that will nourish your soul.

How to Make a Hat that Nourishes Your Soul

1) Identify the Style and Purpose
Take a few minutes to make a list of the different hats that will serve you in this season of life. For me, I’d love a hat that brings calm to my chaos and offers teeter to my totter. I’d like to weave balance into the fabric of my every day to-do’s and multi-tasking schedule. With excitement, I jotted down this list:

2) Find a Pattern to Follow
You can’t often successfully make a hat without a pattern or a guide. Will your local fabric shop have the pattern that you’re searching for? Probably not, but since we live in the information age, this is hardly a challenge. Take a look at others doing what you want to do. Do they have tips and tricks? How do they fit it in? How can you adjust your schedule? Are there modifications you need to make to customize this experience for your life?

3) Secure Necessary Supplies
This can be a super FUN part of the journey. What materials are needed (did someone say new markers…)? Do you have them or do you need to source materials (surely you can find an excuse to buy some essentials that double as both functional and awesome)? Can you create a specific “mobile” space in which to carry your supplies (that also happens to be completely charming)?

Are you able to breakdown your hat-making-and-wearing project into smaller chunks, so that you can time block and work it in when you have time? I like to outline a list of items in a project and associate an approximate time frame for each. So if I have 20 minutes, I look at my 20-minute column and pick an item from there.

For example, if you have a basket with all of the supplies that you need, you can take that with you on-the-go and create an awesome oil blend for your evening bathtub soak all while you’re waiting to pick up your kids. Or, when you’re lingering at the kitchen counter flipping through mail, you can grab your sketchbook and pens to practice your hand lettering for 10 minutes. Make sure to keep all related items in your “mobile” space, so that everything is at the ready. This includes inspirational images, tutorials, photos, supplies, colors, samples, time blocking schedule, completed research… you get the idea.

4) Schedule the Time
With any hat that you knit, embroider, or stitch, you must schedule time to work on it. This proverbial hat is no exception. Just like you must serve dinner, you also must nourish your soul. It keeps us sane and offers some semblance of balance. Without respite, our lives can start feeling like they belong to everyone else except us.

I’m going to make time to swap out my commander-in-chief peaked cap for a sleek, carefree head-topper. Will you commit to making the time for this act of self-love? Are you able to switch out your magician’s top hat to don a modernized Cloche hat for a night out with yourself?

At the very least, let’s make some party hats. Because with all that we do, we have some serious reason to celebrate! Cheers to us!

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