Laurie is a mom of three adult children and grandmom of three. She and her husband John are long-time residents of Plymouth. Laurie works full time for a public library and enjoys participating in sports and fitness activities, playing with her kids and grandkids, eating ice cream and listening to music.

Summer Reads for the Beach + Beyond

Summer reads are just different. No work-related non-fiction or self-help titles. No deep thinking or growth required. It's just a self-indulgent, wrap-yourself-up-in-a-story type of reading. If you've ever let the kids stay at the park...

Practically Guaranteed Ways to Find Petoskey Stones

Did you even go Up North if you didn't come home with a Petoskey stone or two? My dad grew up in Charlevoix and he passed his tried and true, practically guaranteed methods for...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Laurie, a Plymouth Mom

I was born backwards and upside down and I’ve been doing things that way ever since. I’m Laurie, a new blogger for Detroit Mom. I am a curious and creative person, a perpetual...

Transition Time: Your College Kid is Coming Home for the Summer

That college freshman you tearfully dropped off at school nine months ago is heading home for the summer. They’ve gained confidence and independence since you helped them move into their dorm, exactly what you...