Detroit Mom Welcomes Laurie, a Plymouth Mom

I was born backwards and upside down and I’ve been doing things that way ever since. I’m Laurie, a new blogger for Detroit Mom. I am a curious and creative person, a perpetual hand-raiser, and an optimistic do-gooder whose personal motto is, “Sure, why not?”

This year I am approaching my 60th birthday, yet I still find myself wondering how I got to be classified as an adult. I’m an ice cream lover and a fearless cook who never makes the same dish the same way twice. I’m also a big reader, music lover, and am very good at finding information on the internet. Public records are your friends, people.

blonde woman named Laurie stands in garden of red peonies

My other passion is hockey: watching it, watching my kids play it, or playing it myself. I started skating at age 35 and believe that you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. I am a much happier person when I move my body, which is why I’m a big fan of the impromptu kitchen dance party, a constant source of embarrassment to my family. When the beat comes on, I can’t help myself.

I work at the Canton Public Library as the Engagement & Design department head and I’ve been there almost 20 years. The Canton community is diverse, welcoming, and friendly, and loves their library. We love them right back. Prior to my library life, I worked in advertising, using my creative mind and writing talents for agency clients big and small. It was fun and I liked it, but it was not a friendly workspace for a mom with three kids.

Putting Myself First

It’s hard for me to put myself first, but one thing I absolutely make time for is working out at my favorite gym, HALE Strength & Shape in Plymouth. This gym community has been my sanity as I’ve navigated some challenging years of parent caretaking and family crisis and has provided lasting support and female friendships.

For more physical activity and a sense of belonging, I skate with my hockey team of 25 years, the Flames, and during the summer, I hang with the Juice Box Heroes, my soccer team sisters, also known as the Lady Reds. Physical activity is the way I work off stress and keep my mood up. I’ve had to plan carefully and give up some sleep to make it happen, but it’s worth it.

Family of tall children and small mom stand in a line
Photo by Courtney Hessenbruch

My People

I’m now in the stage of momming where your grown children message you things like, “How do you get a toddler to stay in his crib?”, “Can you drive across the country with me and my two cats?”, and “How do you make mashed potatoes?”

My husband, John, and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this year and are enjoying being grandparents. We have three children, Zane, who with wife Emily, are parents to a toddler and nine-month-old twins and recently moved from California to Livonia; Vaughn, who lives with his partner in Minneapolis; and Bryn, who is married to Carl, and lives with us while awaiting Carl’s green card approval.

My kids were very active and we spent a lot of time together in our Ford Windstar, traveling to sports tournaments. I’ve also been a billet mom to three teen boys training with the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. We have a yellow lab named Rocket, named after hockey great Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. Rocket has been described as having a big personality.

Home Grown

I live in Plymouth, and although I was born in Jackson, Michigan, I have resided in western Wayne County for most of my life. I went to Allen Elementary, Central Middle School, and Canton High School before heading to the University of Missouri for college. My husband and I have lived in downtown Plymouth for almost 35 years. Our friends say that between the two of us, we know everyone in Plymouth, and that is almost true. 

Woman and man hold two babies

Follow Me For . . .

I’ve got 31 years (87 cumulative) of mom experience, so I’ll write about some mom hacks and what I wished I had known when my kids were younger. Momming never stops but being a mom changes. As I’ve moved from the mom of a newborn to the mom of grown-ups with kids of their own, I’ve experienced life transitions, both theirs and mine, and I’ll share that.

Then there’s the sandwich mom: taking care of your kids while simultaneously taking care of your parents. Yes, girl, those eldest daughter syndrome vibes are real. Those are some exhausting years and I’ve got a lot to say about them and how to navigate those waters. You can also expect me to write about aging and staying active and some thoughts on that. I hope you’ll follow along and share your experiences so we can all help each other.


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