Detroit Mom Welcomes Megan, a Hartland Mom

I’m Megan Moore. I guess I’m a millennial mom, but it depends on how you’re using the term. If millennial means I grew up in the nineties and can’t wait to rock my cargo pants and Tamagotchi keychain once again, then that’s a pretty accurate statement. Aside from sporting nineties fashion trends (much to my husband’s chagrin), I love running, working out, being outdoors, writing, and traveling.

Many of these activities take place either with my friends or my family. I have an amazing core group of girlfriends who are passionate about similar things, which is fantastic because I can be a little introverted.

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A Little Bit About Me . . .

I work at a local university, mostly behind the scenes taking care of administrative tasks. I enjoy my job, loathe the commute, and love the city where it is located (Ann Arbor). I’m not quite a full-time employee, which is actually amazing because it frees up time for my kids and passions.

My mornings before work are sacred to me. If I don’t get in a workout or a run, I’m stressed, short with my kids, and overwhelmed. At least thirty minutes of moving my body is my daily “me time.” I’m super appreciative of my husband, who allows me to get in a quick run even when our schedule is packed, or we are traveling. “Mom needs a run,” is his familiar phrase when I start acting a little tense.

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. . . And Those Who Call Me Mom

However, when I’m not prioritizing myself, it’s all about my kiddos. I have a daughter who is eight, another daughter who is five-and-a-half, and a wild child son who is three. It’s hard to categorize myself as one particular type of mom. I’m a working mom, but not full-time. I am a little bit crunchy, but you’ll find McDonald’s french fries on the floor of my van. I’m a Pinterest-want-to-be, but our crafting sessions often end up with me throwing up my hands and declaring, “Let’s just go outside!” Thankfully, each of my children is so different that someone is usually pleased about whatever activity we’re doing.

Our oldest is quiet and shy like me; she loves science projects, anything artsy, and exploring the woods around our rural home. Next, our middle daughter is the epitome of a social butterfly, a complete fashionista who loves to dance and put on plays. Finally, our son is all about trucks, cars, construction vehicles . . . practically anything with a motor. After two sweet girls who largely aim to please, he definitely keeps my husband and me on our toes.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things

We all live in Hartland, a relatively rural community. My husband and I bought my childhood home from my parents. Our kids go to the same schools that I did and have even had the same education staff that taught me as a child. It’s a pretty special and interesting experience, made even more unique by the fact that my parents live with us most of the time. Their permanent residence is on Lake Huron, but my saint-of-a-mother watches my youngest three days a week (as she did with my other two children). A multi-generational household has its ups and (rarely) downs, but we make it work!  

Hartland is just far away enough from the hustle and bustle of our beloved cities but still close enough to drive to. We adore the parks, museums, and restaurants of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and surrounding areas. Gallup Park is a summer favorite, as is Rolling Hills Water Park. My husband and I lived in Detroit for four years, so we enjoy taking our kids to Eastern Market, the River Walk, and Belle Isle. We were huge Traffic Jam & Snug fans and hope for its return!

children at zoo There’s so much to explore in and around Detroit and so many great people to meet! I’ve always loved the Detroit Mom community and social media posts that have opened my eyes to these things waiting just beyond my front door. I can’t wait to connect with other lovely parents, learn their faves, and maybe share a few of my own hidden gem locations that are amazing for families!


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