Bathroom Trip Tips for the Detroit (Girl) Dad

Step aside mamas, this one is for all of the Detroit Dads out there. Recently, we have ditched the diaper bags on outings and have graduated to utilizing public restrooms. My husband and I are so happy to saving 30 bucks a week on diapers! However, this blessing comes with a whole new set of challenges to tackle. The biggest one is this: daddy-daughter trips to the public bathroom.

I think our society has really amped up diaper-changing stations in both the women’s and men’s restrooms. In fact, we are absolute fans of using family restrooms while we are out about. However, sometimes those bathrooms are full, or are closed for cleaning when nature is calling. I realize some dads never have to take their princess to the potty because mom is always around. When mom is tending to the baby or unavailable, it’s up to dad to make sure his little lady can properly handle her business. Here are a few tips that will make any restroom trip work for both your dear daughter and her dad!

Skip the Men’s Room Altogether

First things first. When my husband is out with our daughter, he tries to assess the situation. When he doesn’t feel comfortable taking her in the men’s room (especially at crowded events when there happens to be a long line of dudes waiting for the urinal) he improvises. Instead, they hike it over to the women’s room. He stands in the doorway and politely calls, “Hi ladies. May I enter with our daughter? She has to use the restroom.” If there aren’t any objections, he takes her in. In our day and age, we choose not to leave our children unattended in any circumstances. Plus, our little girl is under the age of five and still requires lots of assistance when using the restroom.

Call Ahead into the Men’s Room

If the aforementioned tactic doesn’t or won’t work for your guy, he can always take your daughter into the men’s room. My husband does the same thing, “Hey guys, I have my daughter and I’m bringing her by for the stall. Please let me know if the coast is clear at the urinals, and we will just scoot on by!”

Toilet Stand-and-Squat

Once you’ve chosen a location, it’s time to get down to it. Let’s get real here for a second: public bathrooms can be absolutely appalling and disgusting. When the situation is far too grim to even fathom having her precious toosh touch the seat, I present to you the “stand-and-squat” method.

My husband actually came up with this one at one of our park trips this summer. Here’s how it works: gently remove pants and hold them under your arm to avoid her accidentally peeing on them. Then, help your daughter stand on the toilet seat. Have her squat and do her business. Get down, re-dress, flush with your foot, and you’re both ready to wash your hands!

Build a Nest

If the stand-and-squat method isn’t for you, try building a nest. Use toilet paper to line the seat. Don’t just use one strip for each side, really layer that seat up! Using just enough to cover will be too flimsy and your nest will fall in the toilet before she even sits down. Build a nest of TP and have her comfortably sit on that throne and go!

Utilize a Travel Potty

With the fear of COVID exposure out there, long commutes home, and just genuine feelings of not wanting to use public bathrooms, we invested in an awesome travel potty to keep in my car and his. The Potette Potty has been an awesome addition to our trunks. This travel potty comes with cool bags that attach to the seat (they remind me of doggy bags!). Your little one can take care of business from the comfort and privacy of your car. Just go in the bag and toss in your nearest trash bin!

I know these seem like basic, common sense ideas, but we are an open book about parenting in our house. Pooping and peeing is a big deal that doesn’t have to turn into an ordeal while out in public!

Dads are our heroes and Detroit Mom is always here to support you too, through the ins and outs of parenting!


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