Detroit Mom Book Club: Book of the Month for October 2021


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Book of the Month: Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia


Jeanette is the daughter of a Cuban immigrant living in Miami and battling addiction. She’s determined to learn the history of her family and also decides to take in the neighbor’s daughter in order to make things right. Meanwhile, Jeanette’s mother, Carmen, is still dealing with trauma of being displaced so many years ago and struggles to help her addicted daughter figure out her life. In her quest for the truth, Jeanette decides to head to Cuba to see her grandmother and uncover the family’s secrets once and for all.

Of Women and Salt is the story of how women and mothers make decisions in real time for themselves and their families. A breathtaking story of courage, fear, and family wrapped in a tale all too familiar to some in America.

Notable Achievements

New York Times Bestseller, Good Morning America Book Club pick.

Book Club Reading Discussion Schedule

The dates listed below are the days we will be posting discussion questions in the Facebook group. On those dates, we will be talking about the chapters listed.

Friday, October 8: Chapters 1-2

Friday, October 15: Chapters 3-6

Friday, October 22: Chapters 7-9

Friday, October 29: Chapters 10-12

We hope you enjoy Of Women and Salt and get to discuss with us in our book club this month!


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