Confessions of a Single, Work-at-Home Mom

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For real!  I’m Super Mom!  I tackle loads of laundry, wash the dishes, fix boo-boos, shuttle my preschooler to school, potty-train my 2-year-old, make my bed most days, feed us, work, and even once and awhile I take a breath….

Please tell me you didn’t start saying, “Wow, she is amazing.”  You didn’t see the whole picture.  I don’t sleep enough, my kids watch shows more than I care to admit, and dinners sometimes are just eggs.  No mom is super mom on her own.

Just like you, I struggle.  I wonder if I’m doing enough as a mom, am I working my business enough to see the growth I’d like, is my house clean?  It’s a lot on a girl’s plate, but I know one thing.

I serve a SUPER God.

He is my rock, my everything, and HE holds me all together.  Without my faith, I couldn’t be Super Mom.

So how can you be a Super Mom?  Whatever your home situation looks like, we all need grace and we all need help.  Motherhood isn’t for the weak.


Read the Bible. Everyday. Even if it’s just a verse! The Word of God is life-giving and therefore you read a little bit of it, it will change your life.  And this includes when you read something and feel like you have no idea what it says!  Faith is so important to being a Super Mom.  Without… well you are just Mom.


Ask for Forgiveness. We mess up! It’s okay, we all do it, we are human.  What we do when we mess up makes us Super Mom’s relying on a Super God.  If you are married and you let the ball drop on something with your spouse, then ask for forgiveness.  If you holler at your children and you know it wasn’t appropriate because you were angry and overreacted, then ask for forgiveness.  **Bonus – it’s a great teaching lesson that mommy isn’t always right, makes mistakes, and this is how we deal with mistakes!  If you have had a shortcoming with a friend, ask for forgiveness.  It will free up your heart from bitterness and make it a LOT easier to rock being a Super Mom!



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Stop being so Serious. Like if you do this or that you will mess your children up for the rest of their lives. Come on.  That isn’t even real.  Chill out because Super Moms cannot be acting all cray cray like that!  You are doing a great job, just relax and enjoy life!


Do NOT do Mothering Alone. Remember I am a single mom, meaning I’m doing this ALONE. So I have the option to do it alone, but I don’t.  I have friends I talk to on a regular basis and ask for mom advice, I have prayer partners, neighbors that will watch my kids, and the sweetest thing called Grandparents {aka my mom and dad} who help me a ton!  My dad is even my lawn-guy, so I can be Super Mom!


Remember, being a Super Mom doesn’t mean you are perfect.  It means seeing your shortcomings, leaning on God, and asking for help!  Be blessed – YOU are a SUPER MOM!






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