Lauren Haney

Hi Momma! I’m Lauren Haney and I am The Joyful Momma! I empower moms to have faith-filled homes, healthy homes, and profitable homes. I'm passionate about God, my two sweet kids {3.5 and 2}, and helping moms turn a toxic home into one filled with JOY and toxic-free living. Also, I'm over 6 feet tall, love to read books {God, personal development, and inspiration}, and go on vacation!

Have you met my friend… Thomas?

{2015 dates :: April 25th-26th, May 2nd-3rd + 9th-10th} Okay, I admit I have watched several episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” My dad actually got me interested in the show a few years ago and...

Don’t Go Work Out.

Welcome Holiday Season! Come on delicious turkey. Ham. Pies. Your aunt’s bomb-diggity sweet potato casserole. Gravy. Potatoes. Cookies. Cakes. Pies – did I mention pies yet? You know it’s here. Time to get our eats on!...

Created for More than Diaper Duty

Ever change a diaper and silently wonder, “Is this all my life is about now?”  It is okay; you are not alone.  We move from diaper change, someone is hungry {again}, to laundry, to...

Confessions of a Single, Work-at-Home Mom

  For real!  I’m Super Mom!  I tackle loads of laundry, wash the dishes, fix boo-boos, shuttle my preschooler to school, potty-train my 2-year-old, make my bed most days, feed us, work, and even once...

Lunchbox Drama

Alright, you know that “mom” who has the “perfect” kids and the “perfect” life? The mom who does everything she has ever pinned on Pinterest {and she has like 1,000 pins}?! Or the mom...

Honest Mom :: Mom Approved, Backyard Bingo!

My darling Kinley just turned two. Seriously, I swear it is going by faster with the second than it did with my son. She is a strong-willed cookie who loves babies, dogs, and keeping...

How DMB Owner Burnt my Mouth

My day was spent bee-bopping around the neighborhood entertaining my kids with garage sales. I got a sweet deal on an out beach chair to lounge in this summer while my kids ran free...

Hidden Secrets

Remember when you were pregnant and you pretended to eat super healthy while sneaking Taco Bell Chalupas on a regular basis? Wait…that was me. When we are pregnant and we have that first bundle of...

The Boring Mom

As a group we decided to pick out just one of those silly moments we have had as a mom, but I racked my brain and couldn’t think of anything outrageous enough to share....

Introducing the DMB’s of Lauren…..

{Down With Detroit} Life never turns out how you plan. I certainly wasn’t planning on living in the Detroit suburbs, I mean I sincerely hate winter, but I have to say this is a pretty...