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{Down With Detroit}

Life never turns out how you plan. I certainly wasn’t planning on living in the Detroit suburbs, I mean I sincerely hate winter, but I have to say this is a pretty cool town! The summers are more mild, there are many family-friendly places to go, and we have met some wonderful people here. Our favorite places to go are the Canton Public Library, local parks, the splash playground at Heritage Park in Canton, Pure Pastures organic store, and our very own front and back yard! We also enjoy special trips to the Zoo, Maybury Farm, Greenfield Village, and Tiny Town in the winter. And we love when Dairy King, in Plymouth is open!

We continue to find more fun places to hang out and explore. Although I never planned on living in Detroit, I’m thankful we do!

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{My Life}

What is most important about me is my faith. I found a real relationship with Jesus in college and I love learning more about His love, grace, and mercy. I am who I am and where I am in life because of God.

Additionally, I am over 6’ tall, a work-at-home entrepreneur, single, and blessed momma of two. I enjoy relaxing at the beach, reading, working out, researching, being with family, and meeting new people. Our life is busy and sometimes borderline chaotic, but I wouldn’t change a thing. An average day in my life consists of cooking a few meals, breaking up some sibling squabbles, kissing boo-boos, playing trains, baby dolls, and wrestling, going out and about and utilizing the internet to grow my business.

But some days I’m impressed when I check a few things off my checklist!

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Many moms ask about how I work out of my home, so here it is. I educate families about the toxins that are hidden in their home. When I found out there are 80,000 unregulated chemicals in our country, 11,000 are illegal in Europe and Japan, and it only takes 26 seconds from contact for those toxic chemicals to reach every organ in your body. These chemicals have links to cancer, ADHD, heart disease, autism, infertility, and a wide range of developmental complications. We are currently in the largest unnatural disaster in human history. I’d love to help any mom who is overwhelmed by making changes {it’s perfectly normal!}

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{Babies & Beyond}

 Aiden {birthday: September 2010}My almost 4-year-old sweet, cautious, oh-so-friendly Aiden. He is your typical boy who loves all things with wheels, but mainly trains stand out at the top of his list. Aiden loves playing outside, riding his bike, and kicking around a soccer ball. I have to say he is already a protective, loving older brother and continues to help “teach” his sister about life. I’m blessed he continues to learn how to be a great example, make good choices, and knows we eat organic {or “gan-ik” as he says} and non-GMO food.

Kinley {birthday: July 2012} Born in July and Kinley is certainly my firecracker. She is full of energy, life, and joy! Kinley is the strong-willed one who will always stop anything to cuddle and hug {or “wug” as she says}. Life didn’t start off easy for Kinley Bean or referred to as Beanie. The first few weeks of her life she spent a lot of it violently throwing up. I took her to the doctor several times and all tests came back fine, until one day she wasn’t eating, lethargic, not smiling and all other red flags to head to the ER. Long story short, Kinley’s heart was beating too fast and out of rhythm, so our family spent 3 weeks in CCU. Today, you would never know! Completely off all medications, all tests continue to come back normal, and we are praising God for this little life!


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