Created for More than Diaper Duty

Ever change a diaper and silently wonder, “Is this all my life is about now?”  It is okay; you are not alone.  We move from diaper change, someone is hungry {again}, to laundry, to cleaning something, and repeat again within 15 minutes.  Being a mom is HARD.  Whether you are at home, work out of the home, or work from home.  It’s hard.

I want to encourage you.  You aren’t alone if you are longing for more to life than the “Mommy Cycle.”  So what can you do to break out and feel fulfilled?

1.  Get OUT of the House Immediately.

What I have found in my own life and in other moms is the “stuck in house” problem, especially for stay-at-home and work-at-home moms. It’s like we become prisoners of our own homes.  The kids get restless, you get restless and before too long everyone is going crazy.  It’s still nice outside {yes, winter is coming!}, so GO outside.  Plan fun activities.  Take note of DMB events.  Just step outside and take a deep breathe.  It will change your mood.  And when winter comes, do the same thing, 5 minutes of outside breathing even if you are freezing, it’s worth it.

2.  Find YOUR Passions.

Remember life before kids? Okay if you can’t, maybe take a quick nap or grab a cup of coffee — okay now?  Remember who you were before you had kids?  Maybe you enjoyed painting, working, exercising, crafting, building, whatever!  However you answered that question, that’s what you need to be doing.  And I don’t want to hear “I don’t have time” because it’s the biggest lie you believe.  Life isn’t about time, it’s about priorities.  You can make the choice to make something a priority or not.  You enjoy crafting, well set up the craft table at the end of the day, let the dishes go ONE night and craft your little heart out while watching Sadie rock it on Dancing with the Stars.  Find your passions and make them a priority.

 3.  Get Involved.

The best way to overcome the wondering of “Is there more to life?” is to get involved in something local. Again, go with your passions and find places to serve others.  We were actually created to serve one another and be in community with others, so go do it!  Plug into your local church, local nonprofit organizations, moms groups, etc.  Find something where you feel you belong and plug in wholeheartedly; meaning show up when you say you are going to even if you don’t feel like it!!

4.  Find JOY at Home.

The greatest advice is to be content in your season as well.  I know, I hear you – “Lauren that is completely opposite of everything you have said thus far!”  But hear me out, you can’t be away from the home, outside, and during your passion 24/7.  Those stinky bottoms need to be wiped y’all!  I encourage you to find joy in those moments, for their stinky feet that you wash now will only get more stinky and bigger, so savor them now!

lauren h created for daiper duty

One final suggestion – I highly recommend The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson to helping finding more meaning in being a mom!


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